Step Into Wholeness with Divine Love

Stepping into Wholeness What does it mean to step into wholeness with Divine Love and how can this kind of Love change your life?  Truly, we find our own individual answers as we each have our unique experience with this Love.  But, I have been called to share what I have learned from my own personal experience of walking with this Love…

What’s Love Got To Do With It

What’s love got to do with it?  Good question. From my perspective…Everything!    To me the song, “What’s Love Got to Do With It” sung by Tina Turner has always felt that it was written by someone who was hurt and closed down to love. However, recently I heard Tina Turner, give another perspective on…

Activate Your Evolution

Sometimes ideas just hit you in the head and knock you over.  This is exactly what happened to me this week when I taught a class in Quantum Healing at the Academy of Intuitive Medicine.  In this class, we discussed the differences between the third, fourth and fifth dimensionality.  While I was teaching I had…

Three dolphins in the ocean. Photo by Talia Cohen on Unsplash.

Lessons from the Dolphins

I have spent the last week on the Big Island of Hawaii.  During this last week I have visited many sacred spots.  I have felt the energy of the island open me to huge shifts in my being.  And I have spent some beautiful time with soul family who live here. But, one of the most beautiful things I have…

A woman standing in a field of light and flowers

Awakening Into Light

We had an amazing experience at the Three Oracles Event last Thursday. From this event I was left with a deep knowing that these higher dimensional beings so want to help and lead us through the healing of this wounding, so that we may awaken and remember who we truly are. They also made it very clear that they will be transmitting a huge amount of healing light at my upcoming intensive, Healing the Patriarchal Wound.

They also made this clear…

Healing the Patriarchal Wound

Is Not about wallowing in the sorrow

Nor is it about pointing the finger

It is about:

Awakening into the Light

The Light of Love.
The Light of our Freedom.

The Light of our Embodiment and Empowerment