Awaken to Light through Healing the Patriarchal Wound for Women, May 18–20, 2018

May 18-20, 2018 in Sebastopol, California, with Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy

Patriarchy: a belief system that creates a culture of oppression and violence that has wounded both genders alike. This is not about the male gender.

The time of change is upon us; both sexes have been greatly wounded, hurt and are repressed through thousand years of patriarchy. We are being asked at an unprecedented level to show up…and take a stand for our healing!

Change the world…as you heal, the world heals.

About the Healing Intensive

In this intensive we will utilize powerful healing rituals, Somatic Awakening®, transmissions from ascended masters, inquiry, experiential exercises and more to help shift, heal and move you toward freeing yourself of the patriarchal wound…