My Calling as a Healer

Over twenty-five years ago, I heeded the call to become a healer.

I‘ve opened my life to experiences which have taught, healed and forged me in the fire of the healer’s journey.

I stand today as more than a naturopathic doctor, but also a modern-day medicine woman, spiritual mystic and a channel for divine healing energy.

I have spent a great part of my life learning, training and practicing holistic healing, consciousness and mind-body-energy medicines. Along with being a licensed naturopathic doctor, I have trained in a myriad of other holistic and mind-body-spirit healing modalities.

I have been honed by all of these modalities. Most importantly, I have listened to Spirit in each step of my journey.

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Rising Together…

My heart has been hurting and I’ve been in overwhelm… At a CEU conference this weekend, we dove deeper into how bad it is with toxicity, GMO’s, vaccinations, 5G/EMF’s, our collective deteriorating health, and the health of our planet. Conversations with practitioners were rife with the epidemic of mass shooting. Then there are the fires…

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The Keys to True Independence…

Happy Independence Day. Our Forefathers told us that “Freedom is self-evident”, but sometimes it’s not so self-evident, at least when it comes to the subconscious realms. Laid Out Flat Over the last few days, I literally have been laid flat on my back. The eclipse, on Tuesday, was a doozy. And as I looked deep…

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The Keys to Healing Our Traumatized World

As I prepare for the upcoming event Transform the Victim-Victimizer Paradigm an important question keeps arising: What is the core of this paradigm and how can we truly heal it? I have been in inquiry and dialogue about this with myself and others. And, one central theme keeps arising and that is work with the…

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sunset dove

Transform the Victim-Victimizer Paradigm

An Event Whose Time Has Come… A few days ago I started meeting with the other three priestesses, luminaries, authors, and teachers who will be calling in the transformation of the victim-victimizer paradigm with me. They will be joining with me in a powerful online event: Transform the Victim-Victimizer Paradigm, which is part of Infusions…

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Healing Trauma with Transmission from Mary Magdalene

This has been a powerful week of transformations for many of those that I work with in regard to healing trauma. One patient after another has been opening doorways of trauma that have been long closed. For all, it has been a significant step toward healing and freedom. However, when these doorways are opened difficult…

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Alchemy and the Secret of Healing

The other day I was at a dinner party with friends who were healing practitioners and we had a lively conversation about what healing really is. We all agreed that healing comes down to one thing it is an alchemical process, a process of shifting that which is “unwell” to “well” and from “unhealthy” to…

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The Deeper Meaning of Anxiety

Anxiety Hijacks Your Life For anyone who has ever experienced anxiety, you know all too well that it can hijack your life. Anxiety keeps you stuck in stressful patterns of fight-flight-freeze by making you believe that around every corner something terrible is going to happen. This feeling can chase you in the middle of the…

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Self Love: All Parts of You Deserve Love

Self-love and self-compassion are two of the most important steps that we can take in our healing and evolution. But, often I hear from baffled patients, “How can I really step into loving myself”? This is such a good question because how can we love ourselves when internally we have negating voices running which say things…

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MLK and the Glory of Love

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and my daughter and I just watched some videos about him.  We had tears flowing down our cheeks from the emotion of it all, especially from his last speech where he said. “I have seen the glory and I am not afraid of any man” and then was…

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Transmissions for 2019

From the Council of One We greet you and acknowledge the turning of the wheel of time.  The energy of this upcoming year on the earth will continue to increase. Humanity is now in full swing of an awakening wave of energetic frequencies. This year, for those who are engaged in the work of light,…

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Step Into Wholeness with Divine Love

Stepping into Wholeness What does it mean to step into wholeness with Divine Love and how can this kind of Love change your life?  Truly, we find our own individual answers as we each have our unique experience with this Love.  But, I have been called to share what I have learned from my own personal experience of walking with this Love…

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What’s Love Got To Do With It

What’s love got to do with it?  Good question. From my perspective…Everything!    To me the song, “What’s Love Got to Do With It” sung by Tina Turner has always felt that it was written by someone who was hurt and closed down to love. However, recently I heard Tina Turner, give another perspective on…

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Activate Your Evolution

Sometimes ideas just hit you in the head and knock you over.  This is exactly what happened to me this week when I taught a class in Quantum Healing at the Academy of Intuitive Medicine.  In this class, we discussed the differences between the third, fourth and fifth dimensionality.  While I was teaching I had…

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A picture of Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy in nature

The Significance of Changing My Name

Stepping In More Fully What an amazing time in my life.  I just turned 50. Instead of celebrating with a typical party, I celebrated with an initiation ritual birthing me into my new name Melissa Sophia Joy and releasing the name given to me at birth Melissa Patterson. With honor to all of my father’s…

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Leaves in the shape of a heart. Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

The True Power of Love

As I wind my time up in Hawaii I have had a few days to write.  Something that I don’t always have the luxury of really diving into.  I am very excited about this because out of this writing a short e-book is being created and I will let you know soon when it will be…

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Three dolphins in the ocean. Photo by Talia Cohen on Unsplash.

Lessons from the Dolphins

I have spent the last week on the Big Island of Hawaii.  During this last week I have visited many sacred spots.  I have felt the energy of the island open me to huge shifts in my being.  And I have spent some beautiful time with soul family who live here. But, one of the most beautiful things I have…

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The Four Steps of Healing the Patriarchal Wound

I am so excited about what is happening… As I prepare to teach the upcoming intensive Awaken to Light through Healing the Patriarchal Wound, the divine is guiding me every step of the way in my preparation for teaching.  I’ve had divine guidance before, but this is off the chart. The female ascended master council…

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A woman standing in a field of light and flowers

Awakening Into Light

We had an amazing experience at the Three Oracles Event last Thursday. From this event I was left with a deep knowing that these higher dimensional beings so want to help and lead us through the healing of this wounding, so that we may awaken and remember who we truly are. They also made it very clear that they will be transmitting a huge amount of healing light at my upcoming intensive, Healing the Patriarchal Wound.

They also made this clear…

Healing the Patriarchal Wound

Is Not about wallowing in the sorrow

Nor is it about pointing the finger

It is about:

Awakening into the Light

The Light of Love.
The Light of our Freedom.

The Light of our Embodiment and Empowerment

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Three Oracles Speak In-Person and Livestream, Thurs April 26, 2018

Yesterday my dear friend and fellow priestess oracle for Three Oracles Speak, Maria Owl, posted the below article regarding true unification of Divine Masculine and Feminine energy on this planet, spiritual sovereignty and more. It is an amazing transmission of divine energies at work in our lives and our planet at this time. This is an example of the quantum leap break through transmissions (and the deep healing that comes with these kind of transmission) that will be coming through tonight. Join us!

There is still time to purchase your pre-paid tickets and livestream.
(Note pre-paid tickets need to be purchased by 2:00 pm today and livestream tickets need to be purchased by 6pm to watch event live).

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Picture of the youtube interview video

Watch Melissa on the Magdalene Voices

Mariaestela Zoe Gullestrup Interviews Doctor Melissa on the Magdalene Voices Topics Melissa’s Magdalene Journey How being serious about your work and vocation is at the same time very light How to bring in the light in order to heal ourselves Past lives and the effects it, together with trauma can have on our current lives…

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A woman laying on the ground. Photo by Neal Kharawala on Unsplash

Listen Now—Grounding Meditations

“Grounding Introduction”—2:59 Minutes Short introduction to the benefits of utilizing grounding in your life. “Short Grounding Meditation”—8:32 Minutes A short meditation that you can use daily to help you bring more relaxation and the stabilizing effect of grounding into your life. “Longer Grounding and Life Force Meditation”—16:47 Minutes Experience the effects of relaxation and revitalization with this…

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Sun set over the ocean, Photo by Lori M. Sousa on Unsplash,

Listen Now—Somatic Awakening® Meditations

“Somatic Awakening Introduction”—2:43 Minutes
These are the foundational basic principles of Somatic Awakening.  If you are new to Somatic Awakening it’s highly recommended that you listen to this first.

“Somatic Awakening Pointers”—2:13 Minutes
These pointers will give you some important tips to get the most out of the Somatic Awakening meditation.  If you are new to Somatic Awakening I highly recommend that you listen to this once or twice before the meditation to get the most out of it.

“Somatic Awakening Meditation”—26 Minutes
This meditation leads you to deep healing by connecting the part of your being that has the capacity to heal with the aspects of self that need healing the most. I recommend doing this meditation as often as you can to get the most full benefit from it.

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Healing the Patriarchal Wound…Because It’s Time!

Someone the other day asked me, “Why is someone like you teaching about healing the patriarchal wound?” Good question. That has a good answer. I am teaching this topic because…well…IT’S TIME!!!! We are at a turning point in our history. The patriarchal paradigm is flailing. Between the “Me Too#” Campaign and our governmental leaders so…

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Three Oracles Speak, Thursday, April 26, 2018

Join Maria, Marguerite, and Melissa Sophia for Three Oracles Speak: Freeing Our Souls and Planet from Patriarchy with Love and Compassion. Thursday, April 26, 2018 at The Hall at St. John’s, 530 C Street at 6th, Petaluma Doors open at 6:30pm; program 7:00–9:15pm Livesteam available Cost: $25 advance $30 at the door $33 livestream In this sacred evening,…

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Awaken to Light through Healing the Patriarchal Wound for Women, May 18–20, 2018

May 18-20, 2018 in Sebastopol, California, with Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy

Patriarchy: a belief system that creates a culture of oppression and violence that has wounded both genders alike. This is not about the male gender.

The time of change is upon us; both sexes have been greatly wounded, hurt and are repressed through thousand years of patriarchy. We are being asked at an unprecedented level to show up…and take a stand for our healing!

Change the world…as you heal, the world heals.

About the Healing Intensive

In this intensive we will utilize powerful healing rituals, Somatic Awakening®, transmissions from ascended masters, inquiry, experiential exercises and more to help shift, heal and move you toward freeing yourself of the patriarchal wound…

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A man in a suit and tie crying in a black and white photo

Community Grief Ritual April 7, 2018

So much is springing forth right now.

Including many events on the horizon.

Mark Your Calendars

Natural Solutions Class for Healthy Empowered Living with doTERRA Essential Oils at my office, this Sunday, March 11th from 6:30-9:00
Evening of Transmissions and Somatic Awakening Meditation, Sunday, March 25, 7:00-9:30, at my office
Community Grief Ritual co-facilitated with Maria Owl Gutierrez, Jose Encisco and myself, Saturday, April 7th, 10 am-6 pm, Santa Rosa
Three Oracles Speak, Thursday, April 26th, 7:00-9:00, Petaluma
Healing the Patriarchal Wound, weekend intensive, May 18-22, in Sebastopol.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I just returned from The Way of Mary event at the Open Secret Bookstore and I felt powerfully moved to share the channeling that came through. Blessings of this higher love on your heart and being!

Valentine’s Day Channeling from Mary Magdalene

I invite you to drop into your heart…

I want to convey to you several different aspects of love that are incredibly important to hold especially in this societal portal of love that you are celebrating together.

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Photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha on Unsplash

Come Celebrate Love With Two Events

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m offering two events which are designed to help open you to the deeper vibration of love and its incredible healing power of joy, bliss and peace into your life.
I hope to see you…

Come join us celebrate LOVE…
Our Love for one another
Our Love for ourselves and
The BIG Love that holds us all.

Join us for a deep dive into Love with meditation, inquiry, anointing and light massage with essential oils.

We will experience:
Meditation which brings us deeper into LOVE.
Inquiry which allows us to more fully understand and step into LOVE.
Essential oils that open channels of LOVE inside of our being.

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