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Watch Melissa on the Magdalene Voices

Mariaestela Zoe Gullestrup Interviews Doctor Melissa on the Magdalene Voices Topics Melissa’s Magdalene Journey How being serious about your work and vocation is at the same time very light How to bring in the light in order to heal ourselves Past lives and the effects it, together with trauma can have on our current lives…

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Listen Now—Grounding Meditations

“Grounding Introduction”—2:59 Minutes Short introduction to the benefits of utilizing grounding in your life. “Short Grounding Meditation”—8:32 Minutes A short meditation that you can use daily to help you bring more relaxation and the stabilizing effect of grounding into your life. “Longer Grounding and Life Force Meditation”—16:47 Minutes Experience the effects of relaxation and revitalization with this…

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Listen Now—Somatic Awakening® Meditations

“Somatic Awakening Introduction”—2:43 Minutes
These are the foundational basic principles of Somatic Awakening.  If you are new to Somatic Awakening it’s highly recommended that you listen to this first.

“Somatic Awakening Pointers”—2:13 Minutes
These pointers will give you some important tips to get the most out of the Somatic Awakening meditation.  If you are new to Somatic Awakening I highly recommend that you listen to this once or twice before the meditation to get the most out of it.

“Somatic Awakening Meditation”—26 Minutes
This meditation leads you to deep healing by connecting the part of your being that has the capacity to heal with the aspects of self that need healing the most. I recommend doing this meditation as often as you can to get the most full benefit from it.