“I have been working with Dr. Melissa Joy for over nine months now. I started seeing her to address a wide array of peri-menopause discomforts. Wild hormone imbalances, that were disrupting my life, including accelerating severe migraine headaches. She concocted an herbal tincture prescription, that I take every day, which has helped me immensely. As well as other natural remedies for balance. That is just where we STARTED.

“What is so amazing about Melissa, is how completely she embodies the word ‘holistic.’ She partners with her patients on their healing journeys, skillfully weaving colorful threads from so many different healing modalities, it is utterly amazing!

“Melissa has truly been an ‘ALL in ONE’ practitioner for me. She helps me on all levels of Mind/Body/Spiritual alignment and ultimately on my ‘Soul Journey.’ She puts your health and healing FIRST, which is SO refreshing in today’s crazy soulless, and broken health care system.


–Margo Austin

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