Open to the Love that Never Dies.

The Healing Power of Love

with Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy

Come celebrate this season by opening to the Love that never dies

The Healing Power of Love

with Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy

Are you ready to:

  • Feel more love in your life on a daily basis?
  • Open to truly loving yourself?
  • Use this love to powerfully heal emotional blockages?

If so, this day-long event is for you!



During this event you will be guided to:

  • Connect to the Conduit of Love from your Higher Self, which helps heal your deepest wounds and allows your life to flow with more peace, ease, and grace.
  • Receive transmissions and blessings from the Christ Family (Jeshua, Mary Magdalene, and Mother Mary), as well as the vast Love from Sophia-Christ Consciousness, which opens you to the healing, miracles, and transformation that is possible through this Love.
  • Activate the codes of Christ Consciousness in your higher heart; which awaken you to the path of sovereign self-love.
  • Engage with Love as a force of healing activism…healing ourself and the world.
  • Learn meditation and prayer techniques that nurture and stabilize this Love on a daily level.
  • Receive healing from a sound bath of bells, bowls, and more which will help transmit this Love deep into your being.

The Healing the Power of Love event will be held Saturday, December 1st from 10:00-4:00 at the Luma Center in Petaluma

This day-long event is for you if…

  • You wish to open to the love that is inherent in your higher heart, connecting you to the Self-Love that frees you to be the Divine Sovereign Being that you truly are.
  • You are ready to connect deeper to the conduit of love flowing from your higher self (and from the divine) into your deepest wounds bringing them the peace, ease, and grace that they long for.
  • You long to connect to the heart of Christ Consciousness, inside and outside of you; opening you to the activation, healing and powerful transformations this brings to your life and to the world.
  • You are ready to begin seeing the world through the eyes of love, carrying you and those around you to another level of consciousness and evolution.
  • You want to learn more about how to ground and nurture this experience of love in your everyday life.

If these statements are true for you
then join us for this day-long deep dive into the Healing Power of Love.

From the Christ Family

What the world needs now more than anything is a true remembrance of what Love is.  The healing power embedded in the universal vibration of this Love will shift the tide in this world.  The more individuals that are willing and ready to activate the memory of this higher love contained in their higher heart; the more they will help stabilize this love energetically in the world; collectively and individually.

For those who are willing to open to this love, the power and magnitude of this healing love inside will also turn the tide in your own individual healing and awakening.  Connecting to this love opens you to the essence of what true self-love means, as well as, opens you to a deeper understanding of the divinity that is inherent inside of you.

This event will help all who are ready to activate your higher heart and step into the next level of Christ consciousness inside of you.  We look forward to seeing, feeling and sensing you there and bringing you to the next level of what it means for you to ground this love in your daily life. Living from this love fulfills your deepest longings for love and the world around you shifts as you begin to vibrate this love into your life.

This will be a powerful experience for all who attend. For you who read these words and feel the truth of them imprinted on your heart…we invite you to step in!

From Melissa:

I am absolutely honored that the Christ Family has asked me to be a conduit for this vast healing Love.

I have been blessed to walk with this incredible life transformative and evolutionary healing love in my own life, as well as with numerous people I work with. I am elated that we will be opening to the river of this love and allowing it to touch all parts of our life that desire, want and need it to bring us home to who we truly are…vast beings of divine light and love.

As the Christ Family said above as we make a commitment to this love in living it on a daily basis we change ourselves and all of those around us.  If you are feeling the call please join us.  I would be delighted to have you come and step in with us to the power and healing of this vast Love.

Join us for this day-long event for  $177