Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Mean by Treating the Whole Person?

Healing is not one dimensional. To hold the deepest healing space, healers must work with all levels of human experience.

Therefore, with every patient, I look beyond the diagnosis and take in each person’s whole being, including their

  • Unique Constitution
  • Sensitivities
  • Physical, Emotional and Trauma History
  • Personality
  • Needs and Desires

What Do You Mean by Finding the Causation of Dis-ease, and Why Does that Matter?

Usually there are a multitude of different reasons and causes of why illness is present in ones life. As a healer I attend to the places that need healing the most, whether the causation of the illness be physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual, mental, or a combination of issues.

We’ll look at how all of these factors work together as a whole, as well as how each contributes individually to your dis-ease to clarify what you need to get better.

Once we find the imbalances, I choose the most beneficial modalities that are woven together to create a dynamic protocol that is specific for you, so that

  • Your symptoms decrease and go away
  • You feel better on a multitude of levels (physically, emotionally, spiritually, somatically, etc.)
  • You find a sense of inner peace,vitality and a renewed sense of life

What Modalities Do You Use in Your Sessions?

Please see the list of modalities that I offer under the “My Practice” section.

Can You Explain How Working with Root Causes of Illness Actually Works?

In my practice, I am constantly searching for the cause(s) of each patient’s illness. What I normally find is that there are “percentages” of causation of why an illness is present.

The following example describes how I utilize this deeper understanding of causation of illness to determine individualized treatment plans for each patient.

For example, let’s take a theoretical patient with diabetes. It is determined through various methods that the cause of their illness is due to the following reasons: 50% diet, 30% past emotional trauma, 10% stress/anxiety and 10% genetics.

Therefore, the treatment would begin by looking at and working with the diet and related supplementation.

The focus would then move into healing the emotional trauma by utilizing such things as Somatic Awakening®, Voice Dialogue, flower essences, and possibly energy work.

Lastly, our work together would focus on decreasing stress and anxiety through lifestyle counseling, incorporating meditation, and nutritional and herbal supplementation to help calm the body. Many of these therapies will affect healing in multiple causations, i.e. decreasing emotional trauma will decrease stress.

As you can see here, the patient’s treatment plan goes in order of the largest causative factors of their illness to the smallest percentage.

Each patient’s healing plan is continually updated according to the patient’s needs at every session.

What Specific Conditions Do You Treat?

I Specialize in the Following Conditions:

  • Women’s Health Care
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Stress and Anxiety Disorders
  • Spiritual Crisis/Emergence
  • Depression
  • Situational Emotional Issues
  • Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic and Degenerative Diseases
  • Digestive Difficulties and Parasites
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • Allergies and Hypersensitivities
  • Clinical Detoxification
  • Immune Enhancement
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Skin Rashes
  • Weight Loss
  • Eating Disorders
  • Any emotional issues that are connected to physical symptoms

Do you work with sensitive patients?

Most patients that see me consider themselves to be sensitive on some level.

This sensitivity could come in a number of different ways and could include sensitivity to the following:

  • Supplements
  • Medications
  • Energy
  • Emotions
  • Chemicals
  • Electronic Frequencies
  • Etc.

Since I am sensitive myself, I welcome those who are sensitive and specialize in working with these patients to find the right amounts that work for you, without over pushing the system.

What Should I Expect During the First Visit?

The first visit is an hour and a half long.  For a person seeing me for a physical illness this first session will include a detailed medical evaluation.  However, for a person seeing me for mind-body, emotional and/or energetic issues we would discuss the issue and then go into working with it utilizing the modalities correlated for the person; always taking into account the patients desires and goals.

In your evaluation of physical issues, many factors are taken into consideration, such as symptom profile, diet, lifestyle, risk factors, past medical history and psychological stressors.

I will listen carefully to your description of symptoms, complaints and health goals. Toward the end of the first session, I will do a short, medical intuitive evaluation to begin determining the “larger picture” of your situation.

All factors are carefully considered as I perform a meticulous evaluation of your case. Then, I will begin to establish an effective program for you based on your specific condition(s), desires and needs.

What Should I Expect at the Second and Future Visits?

To allow for deep work, follow up visits normally last one hour. Most session utilizes naturopathic medicine, as well as some form of mind-body and/or intuitive-energetic medicine.

During these visits I will begin by asking you questions about how you are doing physically, emotionally, etc.  We will also discuss any changes in your condition(s) and progress with the treatment program (what worked, what didn’t work, etc.).

The remainder of the visit depends on each specific patient and what is happening for them. We could decide to spend more time discussing specific goals in more detail, or to do a medical intuitive and/or an energy-mind-body session.

Sometimes, the session focuses on diet or other health related topics. Other times we focus on your spiritual evolution and embodiment. The list goes on according to what the patient wants and needs.

Thus, each session is different, depending on your desires and needs, where you would like to focus your energy, and where you are in your healing journey. At the end of each session, new suggestions are made for each patient’s treatment program.

What Do You Mean by Spiritual Teacher, Priestess, Mystic and Oracle?

As a spiritual teacher, I offer insight into the nature of healing, reality, awakening and embodiment. I also judiciously share my own healing and awakening journeys to help you on yours.

This part of my practice is offered to those who are in alignment with how spirituality plays a role in their healing, as well as those who want to go deeper on their path.  I will never force or push my beliefs upon anyone.

My deepest intention as a spiritual teacher, who is also a healer is to help you know your own immense healing energy, which arises from the essence of your core divine self. From this place, the most powerful healing energy arises, and you awaken to who you truly are.

As a priestess and oracle, I offer transmissions from ascended masters and angelic presences which helps your life evolve and heal on all levels, as well as bestows incredible support and grace.

Because of my own journey with the divine, I am walking the path of a mystic. This means that I “walk between the worlds” of higher dimensions and this dimension to retrieve important information, wisdom and healing frequencies to help you take your next step on your healing journey.

How Long Will it Take for Me to Heal?

My goal is to help you move into health and balance in the most direct route possible. However, the process can take time and attention because many aspects of the self are being addressed. The rewards are immense, because the journey can lead you to healing in a very deep, profound way.

As a general rule-of-thumb, many natural healers say that it takes one month of healing for every year of illness. I have found this to be a relatively good measure for how long it generally takes to heal long-standing chronic conditions.

What Can I Expect During the Medical Intuitive Reading?

During this part of the session, I will first take a moment to go from what I call “doctor mind” to “intuitive mind.” This means that I take a moment to change my inner frequencies so that I may read you energetically.

What this looks like to you is that I will meditate for a moment. Then when I am complete with my set-up, I will ask you to check in by saying your name three times, which allows me to connect to your energy.

During the Reading I Will Do the Following:

  • I connect and listen to all aspects of your being. I will reflect to you what I hear from these intuitive depths. This includes intuitively reading your emotional, spiritual, energetic and physical aspects of self (wherever your spirit leads me to look).
  • I will give you feedback that is in connection to your physical symptom, condition and its healing.
  • I also open the doorway of deeper subconscious and energetic understanding. This helps you navigate the terrain of your subconscious and energy body with compassion.
  • I encourage feedback, reflection and questions from you.
  • I deeply respect your healing speed. I will not push you into places you’re not ready to go. You determine your own pace.
  • I hold space for your profound transformation with safety, non-judgment and compassion.

What Exactly is Energy Medicine?

Here are two great definitions.

A definition for the Heart:

“Energy is your body’s magic! It is your life force. You keep it healthy and it keeps you healthy. If you are sick or sad, shifting your energies feels good. When you care for these invisible energies, it makes your heart sing and your cells happy!”
– Donna Eden, author and energy medicine teacher


A Definition for the Mind:

”Conventional medicine, at its foundation, focuses on the biochemistry of cells, tissue, and organs. Energy Medicine, at its foundation, focuses on the energy fields of the body that organize and control the growth and repair of cells, tissue, and organs. Changing impaired energy patterns may be the most efficient, least invasive way to improve the vitality of organs, cells, and psyche.”
– David Feinstein, Ph.D., author and clinical psychologist


How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

Visit the scheduling page.