Infusions of Light

with Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy

Infusions of Light

with Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy


This broadcast is dedicated to bringing healing, awakening, and evolution to humanity by helping you connect to the power and light of your higher self. It is free to you and occurs on the third Friday of every month at noon.

In this broadcast we come together monthly to share wisdom teachings, as we also join together collectively through the power of prayer, meditation and transmissions from ascended masters and higher dimensional helpers who are aligned with our highest good and the Law of One (the Law of Unity Consciousness in the light of the Cosmic Christ.)

The topic for Friday, February 15th, Noon, PST:

Self Love and Compassion:  All Parts of You Deserve Love

This broadcast will help you to:

Activate the Love Flowing from Your Conduit of Divinity

Our higher self has all of the love that we will ever need flowing through it because it is connected to the Conduit of Divinity. This conduit connects us directly to the divine and the powerful love inherent in it. When activated this conduit brings us into the steadying power of divine love and compassion which has the ability to show up for all aspects of self, even the parts that are the most difficult.

Commit To Loving Yourself

When you commit to aligning to this conduit to your higher self and divinity you begin to realize that loving yourself becomes infinitely easier than you think. Your job isn’t about trying to figure out how to love yourself, but rather your job is opening to the love that is already flowing through you from the divine.

Connect and Bring Healing to The Parts That Need It Most

With this conduit of love open and flowing, you can then steer this love into the parts that need love the most, especially the negative voices of your subconscious. These are aspects of self that say things such as: “I’m just not good enough”,  “Deep down inside I feel tainted” or “I have to work extra hard to get love because I’m just not lovable”.

As you show up with awareness, courage, compassion, and love to these parts they receive the love they need to feel at peace, ease, and healing. The presence of this love helps them remember that no matter what has happened that they/you are loved and connected to the higher consciousness of the divine. Ultimately, as these parts are brought back into this love they realize that they are never alone, but are always supported by the love of your spirit and the divine.

Awaken to Your True Worth

In connecting these parts of self into the loving arms of your higher self and divinity you awaken to the solidity and knowing of your own true worth. The worth of your being that has never been affected by any of the difficult experiences of life. Opening to this solidifies your life and opens you even more to the self-love that you are worthy of.

Commit To Loving Yourself

With this energy activated in your being you will then be asked to make a commitment to loving yourself, all aspects of self, and to bring them back home in your own right and perfect timing, and with ease and grace.


For some, you will feel an immediate shift and integration of the love from your higher self back into your life. For others, it will take longer as this love reconnects more fully into your being. Whatever your immediate experience is, bringing this love into all aspects of self is a process that will unfold over time. This intention of this broadcast is to help activate and solidify this process. Therefore, be patient with yourself as your emotions and body recalibrate themselves to the power of divine love that sustains and heals your life.

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More About Infusions of Light

The Council of One

This broadcast includes meditations and wisdom teachings from Dr. Melissa plus transmissions from a group of highly evolved ascended masters and light beings who collectively call themselves the Council of One. This council is made up of several ascended masters, such as Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Hathor, Isis, Quan Yin, Green Tara, St. Germain and many other angelic and higher dimensional beings who are all dedicated to the evolution of humanity. This council is also powerfully guided by the Divine Feminine Face of God, who Dr. Joy knows intimately as Sophia Divine Mother. 


Each month we come together to focus on specific issues. The topics selected are guided by the Council of One, as well as from issues that help humanity in its next steps in evolution.

Power of the Group Mind

In working together as a group we engage in the power of the higher mind of the collective. This helps to magnetize the energy and healing; which brings us, as a collective, into profound change and healing.


A word of caution…working with the highly evolved energies of ascended masters can be very effective, yet also intense. Therefore, it is imperative each participant be able to take personal accountability and ownership. If you are unable to do this, have mental instability, tend to blame others or have a very weak life force please do not register and wait until you are more prepared for this work.

For those who register:

You will have the ability to listen to the broadcast absolutely FREE when it is live at the time of the event and for 5 days after the recording. Then the recording will be available on my website for a nominal purchase.

What People Are Saying about Dr. Joy’s teaching and transmissions:

“Words cannot describe the peace, love, and deep connection to the divine I felt (from this event).

Gianna Frazee, MD

“If you want to experience the energies of the Masters, among them Mary, Magdalene, and Jesus, then I highly recommend Melissa Sophia Joy’s events. When I am in her oracle presence, I always feel the authentic communication and healing vibrations of these and other great beings come through, and it is an incredible balm. It’s clear that Melissa is an initiate into such powerful lineages, something she holds with maturity, grace, courage, and humility. This is the kind of Holy Woman ministry we need more of on the planet to help us individually and collectively in our time of great transformation”.

Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D., founding director of Seven Sisters Mystery School

“(This event) was life-affirming and life changing”

Reed H.


For Information Regarding the Topics for the Rest of the Year, Click Here.


From the Council of One:

We are so ready and wanting to offer a continual stream of support to all beings who are ready to step into higher consciousness. It is time, in this world, to shift from the lower vibrations that keep one from living the light of who you truly are.

This year will be one of evolution as each month we open the door to bring more light, understanding, love, and awakening to issues that have prevented you from moving forward in your life.

Infusions of Light is here to serve those who are ready to step deeper on their path as a grounding rod of wisdom, energetic support from an entire team of higher dimensional helpers, as well as the diamond white light of evolution and ascension to help you progress on your path each month.

For those of you who are called to attend the monthly global broadcast on an ongoing way, this light of ascension has the ability to increase exponentially and flow in your life on a daily level, as much as is right for you.

Please join us and step into the river of healing, love, truth, and ascension.

From Melissa:

I am absolutely honored that the Council of One has encouraged me to commit to this monthly global broadcast.

More than ever I feel the imperative need for humanity to evolve. I am sure many of you already feel the stir to evolve within you or you are already well in your process of healing and evolving. This broadcast is dedicated to ALL who are ready to take your next step in evolution.

The topics for 2019 have been given to me in a very specific order and are aligned to help you powerfully heal and evolve. (The topics for 2019 will be posted soon. So keep an eye out for them). I highly encourage you to listen monthly to get the most out of the process.

To be clear this is not part of any organized religion.  It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Pagan, or some combination of these or none of these. This is not a religious event. This is a broadcast devoted to the healing and evolution of ALL no matter what your specific belief system is.

This broadcast also connects us to the power of spiritual activism to help align our ailing world to the higher vibration of evolution. For as we make a commitment to live connected to our higher self, love and conscious wisdom on a daily basis we change ourselves and those around us.

Do you feel the call? If yes, please join us.