Mind-Body-Spirit Counseling

An Overview of Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine

I have been a specialist in mind-body-spirit medicine for over 25 years. Therefore, I have a wealth of experience to help you step into deep healing by transforming the memories, beliefs, subconscious and somatic disturbances that prevent your wellness and inner peace.

I can also help you tap into your spirit and higher self in your healing journey. This opens you to a powerful and loving inner capacity to heal your deepest pains.

Mind-Body-Spirit Modalities that I Practice

Over the years of my journey, I have practiced a wide-range of mind-body-spirit techniques.

I utilize the methods that specifically resonate with you and help you open to healing and inner peace.

Somatic Awakening®

This unique mind-body-soul modality was developed through my own healing and awakening experience, as well as my experience of working with many patients over the years in my practice. It is both a healing technique and spiritual practice. This modality helps to heal your negative internal stories and subconscious patterns. It helps to transmute the energy of trauma stuck in your being which ultimately brings more emotional freedom and healing. It allows new and healthy aspects of consciousness to emerge and evolve. It can lead to entirely new levels of awareness to blossom and awakening to your true essence. With this modality, many patients find profound healing, peace, freedom, and reconnection to the divine within. Find out about Somatic Awakening®.

Mind-Body Counseling

Through the years of being a healer, I have found that listening is essential to being a good doctor and healer to deeply understand you. Therefore, I have honed the gift of attentive listening. I actively listen to you and compassionately reflect back on what I hear.

I also ask insightful inquiry questions to help you find answers to your deepest questions, concerns, and longings. This type of counseling specifically helps you hone in on the ways that your illness and/or issue(s) are connected to the somatic, subconscious, and psyche aspects of your being.

Spiritual Counseling

I believe that healing is a transformative journey, with the capability to change your life to the very core. If you are someone who perceives your healing in a deep and profound way, I can help to hold space for your journey of deep spiritual transformation into the awakening of your true being.

I see all aspects of spirituality as ultimately abiding in the Love that connects us all. It is the true source of lasting healing and is the source from which we all arise. I’ve seen profound miracles unfold in people’s lives with this healing power and grace.

Meditation and Mindfulness

I often will teach certain meditations and visualizations in alignment with what you may need. These methods increase vitality, decrease stress, anxiety, and quiet the mind. Somatic Awakening meditation also connects you to your higher self and higher self witness consciousness to bring oceans of healing to your being.

I have been meditating for over 30 years. I have found that meditation is key to helping you gain witness consciousness, which significantly helps you stabilize your inner reality. It also fosters spiritual awakening and embodiment.

Yoga Therapy

As a past yoga instructor, I occasionally share yogic poses, or asanas, which help to stretch, strengthen and align the body. I also will introduce patients to yogic breathing techniques, known as pranayama. These breathing techniques can help decrease anxiety, decrease stress and insomnia, as well as balance the body. These practices can increase your life force (AKA prana) to restore health. They can also help prepare you for meditation.

Theta Healing®

Theta Healing is a healing method that clears limiting beliefs. This process brings powerful healing into your mind, body, and spirit. Through the use of intuition, feedback from your body, and prayer, the ThetaHealing® Technique creates a field that re-orients your view of yourself to a more positive and loving resonance.

More than anything Theta Healing® utilizes the unconditional love of the Creator Of All That Is to do the actual “work.” Through this technique, I have witnessed spontaneous physical and emotional healing, as well as conscious evolution, arise in those that I work with.

Reichian Breathwork

This modality significantly helps clear and heal trauma stored in the body. It utilizes breathing in a specific, yet profound way. This process enables you to shift away from external distractions and disturbances and into a deeper relationship with your inner being.

You can gain a deeper understanding, releasing, healing, and softening of the somatic body, which frees you to be your true and authentic self. Since I no longer work with patients in person this modality is now primarily utilized in retreat and/or group settings.