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Welcome to Dr. Melissa’s store, where you can purchase classes and recordings. After purchase, you will receive a link to a page where you can download your recordings. If you have any issues or questions, please contact me.

Infusions of Light Broadcasts

Infusions of Light is a monthly broadcast dedicated to bringing healing, awakening, and evolution to humanity by helping you connect to the power and light of your higher self. Immerse yourself in the power of prayer, meditation, wisdom teachings and transmissions from ascended masters and higher dimensional helpers who are aligned with our highest good and the Law of One (the Law of Unity Consciousness in the light of the Cosmic Christ.)

Below are recordings from this broadcasts. Recordings will be available for purchase a week after they stream live for $22 each.

Stepping Into the Light of Your Higher Self, January 2019

In this broadcast you will be invited to COMMIT to walking with your spirit, to EMBODY your  higher self into your being, to CONNECT the guiding light of your spirit in your everyday life, to HEAL the parts of you in shadow with the love and light of your higher self, and to AWAKEN to the grace and ease that’s possible when your higher self leads your life. Receive POWERFUL HEALING transmissions from The Council of One. Join in the powerful alignment that happens with group prayer and meditation, and commit to who you truly are.

Recordings for Retreats and Daylongs

The Healing Power of Love, All Day Retreat, December 2018

Are you ready to:

  • Feel more love in your life on a daily basis?
  • Open to truly loving yourself?
  • Use this love to powerfully clear emotional blockages?

If so, the recordings of this day-long event are for you!