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Infusions of Light Broadcasts

Infusions of Light is a monthly broadcast dedicated to bringing healing, awakening, and evolution to humanity by helping you connect to the power and light of your higher self. Immerse yourself in the power of prayer, meditation, wisdom teachings and transmissions from ascended masters and higher dimensional helpers who are aligned with our highest good and the Law of One (the Law of Unity Consciousness in the light of the Cosmic Christ.)

Below are recordings from this broadcasts. Recordings will be available for purchase a week after they stream live for $22 each.

Stepping Into the Light of Your Higher Self, January 2019

In this broadcast you will be invited to COMMIT to walking with your spirit, to EMBODY your  higher self into your being, to CONNECT the guiding light of your spirit in your everyday life, to HEAL the parts of you in shadow with the love and light of your higher self, and to AWAKEN to the grace and ease that’s possible when your higher self leads your life. Receive POWERFUL HEALING transmissions from The Council of One. Join in the powerful alignment that happens with group prayer and meditation, and commit to who you truly are.

Self-Love, February, 2019

In this recording discover the five principles of what it means to step into self-love. How science has discovered a “heart-mind” and what that means in regard to loving ourselves. Then allow yourself to be led on a beautiful journey of empowering self-love by Mary Magdalene. She beautifully will align you to the river of love, deep healing that comes from this love, an invitation to allow our higher self to lead our lives even more and a powerful synchronization of our heart-body mind. Awaken to your true worth and step into the love you’ve always dreamed of from the inside out.

Anxiety Part 1, March, 2019

  • Find out about the three different kinds of anxiety, how trauma effects each of these types, and how to bring healing to these anxious aspects of self.
  • Learn tools that you can use to help decrease anxiety in the moment.
  • Receive a transformative transmission and meditation from Quan Yin, where she invites you to relax in the divine waters of safety; which helps to powerfully heal anxiety and move into peace and relaxation.

Recordings for Retreats and Daylongs

The Healing Power of Love, All Day Retreat, December 2018

Are you ready to:

  • Feel more love in your life on a daily basis?
  • Open to truly loving yourself?
  • Use this love to powerfully clear emotional blockages?

If so, the recordings of this day-long event are for you!

Cosmic Ultima Quantum Health Pendants 2

The beautiful Cosmic Ultima Quantum Pendant II promotes and helps to maintain a healthy energy balance by restoring energy that has become weak in the body caused by EMF stress. By restoring the energy balance in the body, these pendants enhance performance, balance, and well-being.

Because we are constantly exposed to many man-made electromagnetic frequencies, which are harmful frequencies that create negative symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, vision issues, as well as many other harmful effects on the body, inventor Pyo Huli created these beautiful pendants to mitigate the harmful effect of EMFs.

These pendants have been found to help with the following:

  • EMF Protection and Reduce EMF Stress
  • Improve Circulation and Cell Function
  • Increase Immunity, Strength, Flexibility
  • Enhance Mood, Vitality, Mental Clarity, and Meditation
  • Calming and Reduces Anxiety
  • Enhance Wellbeing, Grounding, and Protection
  • Chakra Balancing and Aura/Energy Field Cleansing

The Cosmic Ultima Quantum Pendant was created by infusing special minerals extracted from the Hawaiian oceans, as well as Hawaiian gold and silver, quantum crystals, and other rare earth elements which are fused in special ways. Together, these generate negative ions and infrared effects which are very healing and stabilizing. This produces a natural resonance field that helps to enhance the body’s bio field, cell function and reduce the effects of electromagnetic frequency stress on the body.

What People Are Saying About the Pendants

What others are saying the the pendants:

From Dr. Melissa

“I have been wearing the Quantum Pendants almost solidly for over a year and I definitely have felt a difference. I find that my immune system is stronger than normal so that if I start to get sick I don’t and bounce back quickly. I have noticed a huge decrease in both fatigue and EMF agitation when I am on the computer longer than I would like to be. I also notice a deepening in my meditations while wearing it. Lastly, when I take it off I definitely notice EMF stress from my computer and cell phone and I don’t feel as supported energetically.

Because I have had such a huge shift in my life I want to offer these beautiful and powerful pendants to the public. May they shift your life in health fulfilling and positive ways too.

From the Cosmic8Ultima (Pyo Huli’s) Etsy page:

“My pendant has completely changed my WHOLE life. My disability has improved, my migraine headache has not returned, stress is gone and I truly feel I am living in a miracle. Thank you so much! Because of my success I have ordered one for my husband and one for one of my sons. The craftsmanship is exquisite, beautiful chain and lovely presentation. God Bless!!!🤗


I received this necklace at the most perfect moment… I immediately noticed a difference when I put it on. I was feeling so overwhelmed and out of balance, and the necklace gave me strength and balance in all aspects of my life. I have noticed a big difference in my mood,…my health and well being when I wear my necklace. It really seems to protect well against electro magnetic frequencies. I feel very secure and protected when I wear this necklace. I would highly recommend any of these beautiful creations to anyone and everyone! It has completely changed my life.


I’ve only taken my necklace off twice since I got it two months ago, and each time I’ve taken it off I notice a huge difference. I get light headed and a slight headache without it! It’s amazing! I honestly think everyone should own one and wear it as much as possible. I’ve always been very sensitive and this necklace has made a huge difference in my daily life. I have more energy during the day and I sleep much better at night with it on. It also seems to improve my mood, which was much needed! Thank you SO much for this amazing necklace, I cherish it everyday!!! Highly recommend!!!


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