“I feel so grateful to have found such a profound healer as in Dr. Melissa. She has many levels where she addresses healing. From the physical to the somatic, energetic, and psychological, allowing for deep transformation. She holds a healing space with compassion and love, allowing you to access your own wisdom, Higher Self, and empowering you to do your own work, creating profound and lasting shifts.

She is passionate about the healing journey, teaching, and sharing her insights, her gifts, and transmissions. Her presence is grounded, wise, and loving with her beautiful human-ness shining through.”

-TS, Registered Nurse

I feel so grateful to have found such a profound healer as in Dr. Melissa

“Words like visionary, medicine woman and healer of healers comes to mind when thinking of Dr. Melissa. She…shares with the world what it really means to clear the vessel of dis-ease and trauma in the body and psyche so that we can all truly step into our vibrant radiance.”

–Debora Seidman, writer

Visionary, Medicine Woman and Healer of Healers

“Somatic Awakening® has been life-changing for me in that I am learning to witness what I feel in my body whether it’s emotional, physical or mental with a loving, non-judgmental and compassionate attention.

With that kind of witnessing, wherever my attention is drawn, I always come away feeling calmer, more peaceful and stronger overall. I’m amazed that even my physical symptoms significantly reduce or go away from paying attention to them using Somatic Awakening®. I am working with my chronic worries and learning to communicate better in my primary relationship as well.”


Somatic Awakening® Has Been Life-Changing

“For the past five years, I have worked with Melissa with a variety of modalities, each one addressing different layers. However, one of the most consistent practices she has used (with me) has been Somatic Awakening®. This has helped me get in touch with my own intuition…in my body and to start to finding the connection between my conditions and hidden beliefs.

This has supported me on my spiritual path toward my true self, and my body has literally begun to learn to relax from a higher level, which has helped me say goodbye to many stress based disorders, such as esophageal spasms, Raynaud’s disease and idiomatic angioedema, to name a few. Her intuitive approach has also been invaluable and has helped identify hidden triggers, such as food allergies.

Her guidance, compassion and down-to-earth approach has helped me on so many levels beyond just the physical. She has held a gentle, safe and supportive space for me to work through my fears and find my strength and power. Her generosity as a practitioner truly shows and it is clear that she sees it as an honor to guide her patients through their journey. “


Finding My Strength and Power

“I have been working with Melissa for several years and have been so grateful for her amazing work. I have been on a journey of inner growth for many years now, and the Somatic Awakening® process has enabled me to reach areas that I hadn’t dare to go to before.

Her gentle intuitiveness and guidance in holding space for my deep growth has been such a blessing. This work has made incredible differences for me emotionally and spiritually as she has helped me break through the rough patches to greater inner peace and calm.

I am finally able to own and accept my gifts and be my authentic self which has made my life so much more fulfilling and happy. Melissa and the Somatic Awakening® process ROCK!!!”


Incredible Differences Emotionally and Spiritually

“Melissa holds this most amazing container of knowledge, intuition, support, love and encouragement. I did not choose an easy path and to have found a “mentor” that can guide me through the trauma that my body holds utilizing Somatic Awakening® has brought profound healing.

My gratitude to Melissa goes beyond words as I continue to awaken and learn to fly.”


A Guide Through the Trauma

“Melissa and her utilization of Somatic Awakening®…(has) allowed me to deepen my inner explorations of my fears. Using her intuitive sense, she guided me toward the issue at hand, allowing me to witness the feelings around it in a protected manner such that I was able to slowly release and move beyond.

Ultimately, I traveled to a place that I knew existed but never thought I’d have the courage to experience —the Void. That experience, plus the other journeys we took, allowed me to move to a new, higher level of awareness.”


A Higher Level of Awareness

“Melissa’s care and advice has helped me to change my life in so many ways. By listening to my story, helping me understand and heal, I was able to regain my health and open up to my own possibilities.

I have made profound shifts in my awareness and my health due to the Somatic Awakening® modality.”


Profound Shifts in My Awareness and My Health

“Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy is a highly talented healer. Her power lies in an approach that truly looks at the ‘whole’ person. She skillfully weaves her knowledge of the body with her understanding of the spirit, how they are interconnected, and how they can shift and heal together. I don’t know of any other doctor who can offer powerful tools for changing beliefs and shifting deeply held emotional patterns while at the same time offering solid, tangible support on the physical level with herbs, nutrition and other holistic modalities.

When practicing medical intuition, Dr. Melissa has been spot on about the conditions I have faced—conditions which lab tests later confirmed.

I highly recommend Dr. Melissa to anyone who is serious about healing body, mind, spirit— your whole being!”

–Mandy Snyder

Looking at the Whole Person From Mandy Snyder

“Sometimes we are blessed to find individuals who step up when needed most…amazing souls doing what they have mastered even in the face of danger. Dr. Melissa is one of those souls who I know saved my life.

I first came to Melissa with PTSD…and severe insomnia…she carefully guided me through the process of healing the trauma, diving into the very root of the insomnia, all the while addressing my many other health issues.

With her unwavering dedication to my healing, I was able to make it through, even while dealing with a prognosis of my imminent death from my gastroenterologist and oncologist. She worked carefully with my Kaiser doctors to bring me to a state of harmonious health. I have a deep appreciation for the amazing light that is Dr. Melissa; she is truly a radiant Soul, and master of many powerful modalities to bring about a deep healing.”

–Kevin Nave

Dr. Melissa Saved My Life From Kevin Nave

“I have worked with dozens of spiritual masters and healers over the last 25 years and have had the most profound healings and experiences with Melissa Sophia Joy, ND. She has helped me enter the most incredible places of deep peace and personal power that my life has been transformed as a result. I feel stronger, more grounded and even more optimistic about the future. I highly recommend working with her.”

Profound Healings and Experiences with Melissa Sophia Joy From Tiffany Bass-Bukow

“I have worked with Dr. Melissa for the last year on healing my fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and psoriatic arthritis. I sought her out to get a sense of how an alternative medicine practitioner might approach my illnesses because though traditional medicine had helped me, it hadn’t healed me.

“To my surprise, Melissa invited me to entertain the smallest of doubts about my belief that I could not heal. She prescribed supplements and flower essences, and, more importantly, worked with me on the energetic and emotional components of my illness.

“I have found Melissa to be a loving, supportive presence and a gifted healer. Under her care, I have transitioned off of ten of the prescription medicines I was taking, and for the first time since my diagnosis of fibromyalgia eight years ago I awaken each day with a sense of hope.”

A Loving, Supportive Healer From Maya P.

“I think of Melissa as my ‘one-stop’ health care provider. She has an extraordinary breadth of knowledge, both medically from a naturopathic perspective, but also very knowledgeable about allopathic medicine.

In addition, she adds a profound intuitive clarity in which she is able to see the deeper causes of health issues. She has the ability to guide one through the difficult root cause and core issues (in a way) that…feels supported and safe.

She has taught me how to navigate into the deeper more difficult parts of myself, both in this life and past lives. Most of our work has been by telephone, yet she has the capacity to be totally ‘present,’ more than any other healthcare practitioner I have worked with.

My health issues (adrenal dysfunction, tiredness and cancer) have improved, and I am feeling strong and more clear about my life path.”

–EC, PhD Clinical Psychology

Being Totally Present From E.C., PhD Clinical Psychologist

“Enter Dr. Melissa, a breath of fresh air. I’ve learned from working with her that illness is not a battle against ourselves, but an opportunity to realign ourselves with wholeness and our higher purpose in life.”

Illness is Not a Battle Against Ourselves From Rachel

“When I came to see Dr. Melissa, I was very sick and my quality of life was quite poor. I was living with chronic pain, illness, fatigue, severe anxiety, insomnia and depression.

Dr. Melissa not only helped me to treat my complex symptoms, but she was able to give me empowering insight into their root causes. Dr. Melissa was the first doctor I’d seen who truly understood how sensitive I was, and based on that she was able to create a healing protocol that supported holistic healing without over stressing or exacerbating my conditions.

Dr. Melissa’s personality also helped to facilitate my healing because I was quickly able to trust her, and I don’t trust easily. Because of my work with Dr. Melissa, I am no longer stuck in a cycle of victim-hood with my illnesses, and I am continuing to make progress with my healing.”

Understanding Sensitive Patients From Kathleen

“I danced into Melissa’s presence with a deep sense of feeling lost. The emotions of anxiety, worry, stress, and dissatisfaction rippled throughout my being. I held it together for a while on the outside, but on the inside, I knew something had to shift.

From our very first meeting, my body slowly began relaxing. We worked with my eating habits, birth control options, and the inner crew that resides in my (head.) From this space, I slowly started to peel away the layers that held me hostage.

I am now in the process of rebuilding the life and body THAT I CHOOSE. Melissa’s commitment to this work is shown through her ability to listen deeply, reflect purely, and hold space for profound transformation. She has been a blessing on this path that I call Earth School.”

–Chloe Marie

Holding Space for Profound Transformation From Chloe Marie

“Dr. Melissa is a modern-day medicine woman with a powerful array of knowledge and tools to call upon.  I salute her dedication in cultivating such diverse know-how and talents over many years.

With great compassion, she worked with me to help me find my personal truth in navigating my compulsive overeating and mitigating the ensuing health complications.

She truly is a holistic provider, offering support ranging from concrete nutritional advice to nuanced mind-body support. She helped me create meaningful dialogue amongst the various voices of my psyche to facilitate a process of deep integration.

I also appreciate Dr. Melissa’s intuitive powers; her insight nearly always resonated with my inner wisdom and she helped me gain important perspective regarding many aspects of my life.

Dr. Melissa is a healing force of nature… she lovingly empowers her patients to set themselves free… and I recommend her care with all my heart!”

–Kai Harris Panym

A Modern-Day Medicine Woman, From Kai Harris Panym