The Quantum YoU

Step out of trauma and into the
healing light of your higher self

Are you ready to step into a new YoU?

Do you long to feel better in your life, but you don’t know how to get there?

Perhaps you feel stuck in dysfunction and disempowered.

Or the pain from past traumas continues to play out in agonizing ways in relationships, career, or health issues.

Maybe you’ve done some spiritual work, but you can’t stabilize it and it seems that things are getting worse before getting better?

If you are longing for deep and lasting healing that is connected to divine feminine embodiment and awakening to the quantum being that you truly are. Then Join Us!

I understand what it’s like to be stuck in trauma. I also understand what is needed to heal it. I am Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy and I’ve helped thousands heal from trauma. I have also healed more than my own share of trauma in my life. Both from my path as a healer, and especially through my own healing journey I have learned how to help many others heal and step on the higher path of their life.

I intensely needed to learn how to heal from trauma in my own life. In my childhood, I grew up in a dysfunctional family and walked through many layers of trauma. I spent much of my early adult years working on healing these traumas. But, in my early 30’s out alone in the wilderness on a spiritual quest I had an experience that changed everything.

The veil that normally divides our awareness from our past-lives was ripped open for me. Multiple lifetimes of awareness came flooding in all at once. Most of these lifetimes were incredibly traumatic memories that continued to unravel for decades. I was already overwhelmed with the issues of this life. I wondered how I was going to heal all of the trauma flooding in from past lives as well this life?

Something inside of me had deeply changed and I had to get serious about my healing. Otherwise, I felt as if I could completely lose myself in the trauma that was arising. That’s when I started diving in and learning everything I could to heal myself. I knew that where there’s a will there is a way!

I tried one healing modality after another. All with certain levels of success. But, nothing really gave me the long lasting and embodied healing that I longed for. That’s when I turned inward and connected to the powerful guidance of my higher self. Through the guidance of my higher self, as well as spiritual teachers and mentors, I found a path of freedom that I now have been asked to share with the world.

I found a path out of the mire of trauma and unto the quantum levels of reality. I started feeling incredibly better with every step. Through this process, I stepped unto the path of awakening and embodiment.

Since then my life has not been the same. I feel fulfilled, empowered, sovereign, and joy-filled. Something that I honestly had doubts that I could ever truly say. I am in an incredible relationship and I’m doing what I came here to do.

And the truth is…you can too.

I want to share with you an 8-week program that has within it some of the most important things I have learned from walking this path of healing, so that you too can step deeper into your healing, free yourself from suffering, feel empowered, and evolve into the being that you truly are.

I want to give you a formula for healing and evolution that you can use over and over again to clear old painful patterns weighing you down and reclaim the truth of who your being.

I want to offer you the golden keys that allow you to step into The Quantum You!

Because let’s be honest if you are living free from the pain that holds you down all other parts of your life flow with more ease.

Through this process, you will gain the ability to calm the difficult voices that overwhelm you, stabilize the parts that activate you in doing things that you later regret, and bring peace to your relationship with yourself and others.

Most significantly you gain the ability to connect with your higher self and rock the world with your soul’s light. Aligning you to step into and manifest your soul’s purpose and power in the world!

Sacred Glyph-v3

Because I am also an ordained oracle of a high dimensional council called the Council of One many higher dimensional helpers, ascended masters, and archangels aligned to our evolution will be joining us on this adventure of healing.

Weekly transmissions and meditation from this council of overlighting mentors, which include ascended masters such as Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Green Tara,and many others, will be offered. This is in addition to the recorded eight classes. These transmissions and meditations wil help you more fully understand the information offered in the classes in a deeply spiritual and embodied way. These mentors provide incredible healing, powerful support in your evolution, and help you align you with your higher self. To find out more information on this council and transmissions click here.

With the empowering, healing and guiding light of your higher self present in your life all areas begin to stabilize, upgrade, and align with the power of love and joy. Relationships, careers, self-worth, self-love, financial abundance, sovereignty…all aspects of your life uplevel to match your new vibration.

Are you ready to step more
fully into who you are?

Are you ready to rock the world with
the glorious light of your spirit?

Are you ready to fulfill your soul’s purpose,
and step fully into your life?

If so, then JOIN ME for the eight-week online class

The Quantum YoU

Here is what you will be learning in our eight weeks together

Class One:

Overview of the Journey

In this class you will be introduced to the primary topics and overview of our journey together. We will discuss the basics of what it means to heal, evolve and to awaken.

You will also be given instruction in meditation, grounding, as well as other ways to take care of yourself throughout this powerful healing class.

Class Two:

The World as We Know It and Our Way to Freedom

In this class we dive into discussing the world as we know it…third dimensionality. We will review some of the ways of how this dense reality feels and how it shows up in our life. Most significantly we will review how to tell when we are stuck in it.

Within this framework we will discuss the different aspects of 3rd dimensionality such as working with the ego, duality, free will, and what suffering truly is and how you can make a choice to not suffer ever again.

Class Three:

Allow Your Feelings to Lead the Way

In this class, we begin to open the door of healing wider. We will discuss how important it is in this process of healing to feel your feelings fully, because they are guideposts to your healing process. When we do this we open to the deeper places inside that have been longing for healing.

We will discuss how the use of inquiry, prayer, and meditation opens us more to the feeling world, as well as, offers a powerful beacon into healing. Here we begin to step into the doorway of a whole new kind of spiritual healing.

Class Four:

Bringing the Adult in the Room

Here we open your awareness to the power of presence and the adult consciousness. You are introduced to these powerful allys inside of you which stabilize and heal difficult and painful traumatic aspects of self.

I will also introduce Gestalt Somatic Awakening® a powerful healing tool which helps you viscerally begin to differentiate and directly relate to the painful parts of self with your adult consciousness which brings immense freedom to your being.

In this class you will also be introduced to fourth dimensionality, how it is inextriciably connected to this presence, and how it brings into your life ease, grace, and peace.

Class Five:

Higher Self Witness Changes Everything

In this class, we discuss the power of higher witness consciousness. This is an aspect of your higher self which when activated acts as a conduit of incredible stabilization and healing to any hurt or difficult part inside of you.

In this class, we dive deeper into the essence and core of Somatic Awakening® The Practice which has the ability to directly connect to your higher self and opens doors to profound healing of your being. This class will utilize this powerful meditative and healing practice which helps bring healing into your daily life and aligns you to higher fields of connection with the divine.

Class Six:

The Healing Power of Your Higher Self

We dive even deeper into discussing and actualizing a felt sense of the healing power of your higher self. This class puts the rubber to the road in that it powerfully aligns you to your higher self. You will be invited to engage in an ongoing awareness and conversation with your higher self in your daily life, which opens the doors to bringing in self-love into your life. You will be encouraged to open your receptive faculties, even more, to allow love in.

We will also open to the divine and the multiple higher dimensional helpers of light, love, and unity consciousness that can help you align to your higher self and your own true connection to the divine.

Class Seven:

Opening the Doors to the Higher Planes

We introduce the power, awakening, and majesty of fifth-dimensional consciousness. This higher dimensional consciousness invites you to step beyond how you normally see the world. It aligns you beyond the normal time-space construct. It connects you to the incredible healing power of your future self. It also brings in even more divine love to help you stabilize your healing even more.

This class will stretch your mind and invite you into a reality that is beyond what you normally perceive. We will also review some of the quantum physics that support the reality of this dimensionality. Be prepared to have your mind blown and your spirit satisfied.

Class Eight:

Living the Magic of the Quantum You

Welcome to your new life! In this class, we discuss the power of living from your higher self, living your empowerment, living your soul’s gifts…and rocking the world with your souls light.

You will also be introduced to the third level of Quantum Somatic Awakening® which opens you to the reality of synchronicity and miracles of manifestation that becomes possible in your life. Here the sky opens and you are invited to truly step in…

Welcome to the Quantum You!

This class will be held Wednesday, Sept. 11th – Wednesday Oct. 30th

What this class includes:

  • Eight weekly recording classes. Each class is divided into several short modules, according to the different topics and experiential exercises of that class. This is so that you can easily listen to the modules in a way that works best for you and your schedule.
  • Each week you will also receive an additional recorded transmission/meditation from one or more of the ascended masters/archangels to help you go deeper into your healing, activation, and evolutionary process.
  • You will be given self-inquiry exercises which include things like questions to journal, specific recommendations for meditation, and other forms of spiritual inquiry each week.
  • On Week 4 and week 8 there will be a Q & A to help you integrate the teachings (dates to be given soon)
  • Also, there will be a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, as well as communicate with one another regarding your process and receive support from myself and each other.
  • All recordings will be downloadable so that you can listen to them on your own time.


Refund Policy: We hope that you feel deeply healed and satisfied by this class. However, we realize that not all teaching is for everyone. Therefore, if you are not satified you have FOURTEEN days from the beginning of the class on Sept. 11th to get a refund. PLEASE NOTE: No refunds will be given after this time.



The Healing Power of Love Event Recordings

This bonus recording of a daylong event in December of 2018 will help you feel more love in your life on a daily basis. It will also help you open to truly loving yourself. As well as, help you learn how to use this love to powerfully clear emotional blockages.

This recording has with it multiple high-dimensional channeled teachings from ascended masters and Divine Mother Sophia all speaking to the power of love.


What participants are saying about Melissa’s teaching

“I have gained here the empowerment to move forward with the work I came here to do.”

“…After Melissa’s healing intensive I am in a new space. I have freed myself of the intense charge of emotions, have embodied more of the divine love, light and conscious that I really am. I also have new tools and approaches for lovingly working with the parts of me still in need of love and healing. I have gained here the empowerment to move forward with the work I came here to do.”

Jan Robinson, Teacher, Mentor and Author

Jan Robinson-v3-400

Tiffany Bass Bukow

“(I) …have had the most profound healings and experiences with Melissa Sophia Joy.”

“I have worked with dozens of spiritual masters and healers over the last 25 years and have had the most profound healings and experiences with Melissa Sophia Joy, ND… Her loving style and pure presence sets the stage for the unfolding of one’s soul in a safe and held way.”

Tiffany Bass-Bukow, Co-CEO B-Nirvana Meditation and Wellbeing App

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