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“Words like visionary, medicine woman and healer of healers comes to mind when thinking of Dr. Melissa. She…shares with the world what it really means to clear the vessel of dis-ease and trauma in the body and psyche so that we can all truly step into our vibrant radiance.” –Debora Seidman, writer

Healing, Awakening, Powerful Initiations and Journeys

Our world is changing.

We are being called to heal and awaken at ever-deepening levels.

True healing is a call to look deeper at what is really happening in your life.

It is much more than relief of physical symptoms.

True healing happens on all levels.

It includes healing the physical body; it also has the ability to bring peace to your emotions and connect you with your true nature.

Yet, healing can also be challenging and strewn with confusion and full of trial and error.

Navigating Your Healing Journey

Do you feel like you are worn out from your illness or issue and have been walking in the dark of why you don’t feel well and what needs to be done to get better?

Do you have a sense that your symptoms are more than physical, but you can’t seem to get to the bottom of it? 

Are you longing for someone who can help you hold the big picture of healing with you, while also helping you navigate the difficult terrain with compassion?

If you answered yes to these questions, I can help.

In times like these, you need someone who knows the healing path and can help you navigate this difficult terrain.

Almost thirty years ago, I received a life-changing call to become a modern-day medicine woman.

In my deep commitment to this call, I have been honed by decades (and lifetimes) of walking the multi-initiatory and powerful path of the wise woman, healer, and mystic.

I have been forged in the fire of what it means to be a healer and I bring this depth to every patient I sit with.

I have studied, practiced, and taught numerous holistic, mind-body, energy, and consciousness-based healing modalities for almost three decades. And, these experiences allow me now to hold a vast space of healing, compassion, wisdom, encouragement, and awakening to help you step into your own deep healing, as well as remember who you truly are. Read more about my background and training.

Our Journey Together

As we explore what needs healing inside of you we will take a journey together.

In this journey, I will listen to you deeply as we open the gateway to your healing.

Doing so helps us see the root of your imbalance.

With guidance, compassion, and expertise I will help you heal the root of imbalance so that you may connect to your highest transformational potential. I look forward to our journey together. Schedule an appointment with me.

“I have worked with dozens of spiritual masters and healers over the last 25 years and have had the most profound healings and experiences with Melissa Sophia Joy, ND. She has helped me enter the most incredible places of deep peace and personal power that my life has been transformed as a result. I feel stronger, more grounded and even more optimistic about the future. I highly recommend working with her”. Tiffany Bass-Bukow Co-CEO of bNirvana

The initial appointments are an hour and a half so I can get to know you and your situation on a deeper level. The follow-up appointments are typically 75 minutes. I find that for most people, we need this amount of time since so many things are incorporated into each session. To find out the cost of these sessions, go here.  However, if at any time you have specific time limitations or financial restrictions, 60-minute follow-up appointments are available if desired. If you are interested in a shorter 60-minute session, just let me know at the beginning of the session.

The different healing modalities and options I offer in my practice are listed below. Often these modalities and focuses will arise organically in a session and they will be utilized according to your needs in that particular session. However, sometimes patients have a specific desire and need. This list will help guide you in understanding the possibilities that are available to you. If you find that one of these resonates with you most with what you need in your life now, just let me know at the beginning of the session. Schedule an appointment with me here. 


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Naturopathic Medicine/
Medical Intuition

Using Naturopathic analysis combined with a Medical Intuitive scan provides a thorough holistic overview and offers significant insight into what is specifically needed for your healing. Through my years of clinical practice and training as a naturopathic doctor, I offer an in-depth clinical understanding and naturopathic analysis of your situation. With Medical Intuition, I scan the energetic blueprint of your physical body and receive a deeper understanding of your situation. I also perceive where there are energy blockages, gain insight into medical details, as well as discover areas of stress and trapped emotions. These readings also confirm or reject standard natural remedies for your situation. Therefore, a specific protocol is custom-formulated just for you on multiple levels.


This powerful healing modality and spiritual practice brings potent healing to one’s inner negative self-talk, somatic contractions of trauma, as well as the fear, pain, and suffering underlying these contractions. It does so by utilizing the significant healing abilities of your higher self and the divine. This process is so powerful that as you move deeper into it, doorways are opened, which help you step into your authentic awakening, embodiment of your higher self into your everyday life, and an alignment to your true essence. These sessions are very helpful for those who have a physical illness connected to a mind-body issue, those who want more healing with emotional and energetic issues overall, as well as those who want to go deeper into the process of spiritual awakening.

Spirit Counseling

Physical illness can have many causes, not just physical, but also emotional, spiritual, and beyond. For those whose experience and intuition resonates with this statement, I have specialized in mind-body-spirit medicine for over 25 years and have a wealth of experience to help you step into deep healing. From helping you transform the trapped charge of traumatic memories held in your somatic body to support you in shifting the negative beliefs that keep you trapped – mind-body-spirit medicine helps you come back to wellness and inner peace. One of the ways that I do so is to help you tap into your somatic body, subconscious, and your higher self in your healing journey.


I provide individualized Spiritual Transmission-Channeling Sessions to help you go deeper with your healing and evolution by giving you oversight about your life and your next steps forward. These sessions do so by connecting you to the wisdom, insight, and energetic transmission of the higher dimensional guides, such as Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm. These sessions assist you in evolving from the density of 3-D living and step into the higher vibrations of evolution, your connection with the Divine, as well as the love, healing, freedom, and abundance that comes into your life from these higher planes.


These sessions help elevate your life by assisting you to align with your soul’s purpose, authentic passion, true success, joy, and the miracles that are possible when you align with your soul and spirit. These sessions utilize many different modalities (such as mind-body-spirit counseling, intuitive readings, spirit transmissions, or more) to support your life in numerous ways. These sessions are especially potent if you are at a turning point in your life and need support and clarification from your higher self and beyond.

Energy Medicine and

Intuitive Counseling

Energy Medicine and Intuitive Counseling sessions help to clear, heal, and upgrade your energy systems, as well as promote deeper and integrated healing. It also offers powerful clarity in multiple areas of your life from an intuitive perspective. These sessions are also great when you feel stuck in difficult relational patterns with a loved one, your family (present time and/or ancestral issues), your boss, or anyone that you are struggling with. Utilizing energetic modalities such as clearing others’ energy out of your system, clearing/upgrading old contracts that no longer support you, healing past life issues, balancing your chakra system, and more can help you step into full sovereignty in your life and these relationships.