Are you tired of swimming on the surface?

Take the leap and join me in the….

Deep Diver’s Guild

This Deep Diver’s Guild is a 8-Week Deep Dive into Your Healing and Evolution. In this eight weeks you will dive into Somatic Awakening, spiritual teaching, quantum healing, meditation and transmissions from The Council of One (a council made up of Ascended Masters and higher dimensional helpers).

The deeper intention of this “Guild” is to have an on-going supportive process for those of you who want and are desiring more spiritual connection and support. If this first class goes well this will be offered on an on-going basis in the future.

This class is for you if…

  • You are ready to step deeper on your path of healing and evolution.
  • You are longing for more ongoing support in your healing and spiritual path.
  • You desire on-going connection with a group of like-minded souls to help stabilize your progression in your healing and evolution.
  • You want the awareness of your higher self to be more present with you on a day to day basis.
  • You are ready to bring more ease, harmony, grace and peace in your life by decreasing the reactive habits that cause you pain and feel more of a connection to who you truly are.

If these statements are true for you
then join us for this 8-weeks deep dive into
the waters of healing and evolution.

During this 8 weeks you will:

  • Receive stabilizing energies through Somatic Awakening meditations to catapult your healing and connection to your witness consciousness and higher self.
  • Receive transmissions from ascended masters and higher beings of light to help activate and stabilize your healing and awakening.
  • Learn about the important foundational aspects of grounding and the ground of all being; and their vital correlation to your intuition, healing, spiritual growth and awakening.
  • Receive introductory information on quantum reality and how you can use this information to help you step further into your healing and evolution.
  • Step into the power of compassion and forgiveness (for self and others) to bring in more peace, understanding and self-love.
  • Connect more fully to the healing power of the divine love that never dies by opening your conduit to your higher self and divinity.
  • Practice healing and meditative techniques (daily and in a group format) that help you heal and also help you embody this healing with ease and grace.
  • Receive personal healing through group processes, self-reflective exercises, meditations and a powerful group healing process.
  • Receive answers to your most difficult questions regarding your healing and evolutionary process.
  • Connect with others on a similar path for support and deeper connection (in a group setting and one-on-one).

What you will receive:

Audio Class Calls

6 – hour long audio class calls where you will receive teaching, healing tools, transmissions and guided meditations.

Q & A

A one hour Q & A at week four to ask any specific questions you may have.

Group Healing

An hour long group healing giving each person present a chance to receive supportive and healing energies specific for them and the group collective.

Buddy Calls

Weekly one-on-one buddy calls with another participant so that you feel connected to others of like minds and supported in your healing, progression and evolution.

Email Support

Email support throughout the process.

The topics introduced in this 8-weeks are:

  • Grounding and the Ground of All Being
  • Somatic Awakening Principles and Introduction to Witness
  • Connecting to Witness/higher self on a daily level
  • Stepping into higher dimensionality.  Learn the difference between the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensionality, as well as how to increase your energy field and live in a higher vibration on a day to day basis.
  • The power of compassion and forgiveness (for self and others) and its role in catapulting your evolution.
  • Embodying the Love that never dies; opening to its transformative and healing capacities.

Dates and Times of Calls:

Audio Class Calls

July 23, 30, August 6 (not 13th), 20th, 27th (not Sept. 3rd), Sept. 10th.

All calls will be at 5:30 PM PST

Q & A

Friday, August 17th at noon PST

Group Healing

Friday, Sept. 7th at noon PST

Please Note

ALL calls will be recorded so if you can’t make one (or some) you can listen to them at your own pace.

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A Message from the Council of One:

We are here to help you heal and evolve in every way possible. Throughout these eight weeks we will be transmitting specific healing energies that are aligned to the individual and the collective of the group. We will do this during the specific recorded times of transmission, as well as throughout the entire time of the class for all to align to this higher consciousness of healing. We will also be giving perspectives, techniques and most significantly healing vibrations that will help you heal, stabilize and evolve on your path.

We are here for you whether you take this class or not. But, for those who feel aligned this class will act like a funnel for us to transmit our energy specifically into every person who is connected to this group.