Past-Life Regressions

During past life regressions, we work on the premise that a transfer of information and energy exists between lives. A lot of individuals carry memories, emotions, and even wounds from previous lives, which can have an impact on their present state.

Regularly I will see patients who have physical and/or emotional symptoms in their present life arising from past life issues. Often they are confused and feel stuck because they have not been able to find the core issue regarding what’s ailing them until this doorway is opened. This process allows you to heal your past lives and bring this healing into your current lifetime, which powerfully shifts your perception of life.

By engaging in this process, you recall knowledge pertaining to past lives, confront and address any challenging energies linked to those past lives, and ultimately heal them. Remarkably, Somatic Awakening® has proven highly effective in this particular realm of healing. I have frequently utilized it to help individuals transform trauma from past life experiences successfully.

During the process, you will frequently obtain valuable and profound insights about the next steps in your current life. Furthermore, it is common to gain a more comprehensive understanding of challenging relationships or any issues that exist in your present life.

In my opinion, the exploration of past lives extends beyond simply uncovering the narrative of our previous existence and experiences. When we bring the primary focus of past life work on healing any deep-seated patterns of trauma that have lingered and continue to affect us to this day, we bring profound freedom into our present-day life.

The transformative power of clearing past-life density is truly remarkable, especially in relation to others and our sense of self. I’ve witnessed many profound shifts in multiple lives, myself included. In essence, past-life regressions can broaden our perspective on what we’re doing on the planet, why we’re here, and the interconnections we have with others over long spans of time.