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I am a teacher and guide in the realms of soul and spirit. As a spiritual teacher, I offer deep insight into the nature of reality, healing, awakening and embodiment. My focus is to help you find your own answers, wisdom and truth inside of you, ultimately helping you to connect with the divine inside.

My intention is that my teaching arises from true Source.  Therefore, it holds a high vibration and connection with the divine.  This help you step into deeper alignment with your true essence and also opens you to the fountain of love and healing that arises from your higher self.  From this place, the most powerful healing energy arises.

Through this process, doors open and insights are gained which help carry you into your deeper healing and the awareness of who you truly are.

I have been a student of many spiritual traditions over the last 30 years. Click here to read more about my spiritual journey.

I have been a student of many spiritual traditions over the last 30 years. On the deepest level, I have found that divinity is in all things, no matter the form.

With that said I am most deeply connected to the lineage of Mystical Christianity. As part of this path I transmit in my teaching and practice a High Christ Council of Ascended Masters and Archangels, who call themselves The Council of One.  These transmissions can help you evolve and heal your life on all levels.  For more information on the transmissions click here.

I look forward to connecting with you in this field of love and divinity.

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