Somatic Awakening®:
Powerful Mind-Body-Spirit Healing

Somatic Awakening® is a powerful mind-body-spirit modality which offers incredible healing on all levels.

It brings soothing spaciousness, healing, peace and stabilization into your internal pain, trauma and contractions. As it does, it helps dissolve both emotional, energetic and physical symptoms.

Ultimately, it allows you to see life from your true nature. This experience can open the doors of awakening, fueling the next steps of your evolution.

The Power of Your Inner Witness

Somatic Awakening® helps you get in touch with your inner witness, the part of you that has the ability to be present with anything that arises inside of you (no matter how painful).

As we work together in a safe, loving space with Somatic Awakening®, you are led to connect with your witness consciousness (and your higher self, which your witness is a part of).

Your witness consciousness is then brought to the pain, trauma, or contraction in your body.

This allows the pain or hurt to be truly seen, held and loved, often in a way that it has never experienced before.

The Healing Consciousness of Your Higher Self

Your witness also becomes a conduit for your higher self and brings a powerful soothing balm into the pain and contractions that cause suffering in your somatic body. (I define the somatic body as the meeting place of the physical, emotional and energetic aspects of self).

Your witness and higher self have the ability to pour into the painful contraction whatever is needed for healing, whether that be love, strength, presence, courage, etc., for as long as is needed.

This process allows your wounds to relax and receive what they have longed for: the spacious presence and ultimate compassion of the divine flowing through you.

In essence, your higher self heroically steps into the role of showing up to and holding your pain with immense compassion, love and understanding.

The magic of this special relationship alchemically dissolves the pain and opens the door to deep integration and true healing.

When you are in alignment with your spirit in this way, you start to feel better on a very profound level. When this occurs a whole new kind of healing and living becomes possible.

Peace, relaxation, harmony, ease, grace and love all become a more integrated part of your life.

Beautifully, the process continues to deepen the more you experience and practice it.

In stepping across the initiation threshold that Somatic Awakening® offers, you step into your deepest healing and truest version of your self.

Spiritual Awakening

Through Somatic Awakening®, you begin to perceive your higher self and spirit on a very significant level, eventually touching the divine within.

Once you start to experience an awareness of the spacious divinity living inside you, everything changes.

From this process, doors begin to open, and you see yourself for who you truly are.

It is then that you can touch the most profound places of peace, tranquility, freedom, joy, ecstasy and eventually, you can step into the vast field of Awakening.

When you see life from the renewed perspective of who you really are, you begin living from your true divine nature. This is the deepest teaching of Somatic Awakening®.

Somatic Awakening® is both a healing modality and a spiritual path that leads you directly to the divinity that you are.

My Practice of Somatic Awakening®

As a seasoned mind-body-spirit counselor and a devoted spiritual practitioner, I’ve spent the last two decades birthing, nurturing and refining this modality.

From my work with numerous patients, my own awakening journey, the guidance of wise mentors, and with ongoing input from the spirit world, I have continually shaped this practice into what it is today—a gateway of true freedom from the inside out! 

As a healer, I am so grateful for this modality being born through me, because I get to witness the most remarkable healing and transformations on a daily basis.