Somatic Awakening®:
A Mind-Body-Spirit Healing Modality and Spiritual Practice

Somatic Awakening® is a powerful mind-body-spirit modality which offers incredible healing on all levels.

This modality uses the power of your higher self which alchemically shifts your deepest pain to peace, balance, and profound healing.

Because true healing does not come from the level of the ego or mind, but from the healing power inherent in your higher self.

It brings clarity, powerful presence, healing, and stabilization into your internal pain, trauma and contractions. As it does, it alchemically dissolves emotional, energetic and physical symptoms.

This experience also opens the doors of awakening and fuels the next steps of your evolution. Which allows you to see life from your true nature; a divine being that has the ability to manifest your highest timeline, fulfill your soul’s destiny, and live from who you truly are.

The Three Phases of Somatic Awakening®

Gestalt Somatic Awakening®

In this first phase of Somatic Awakening® we help you differentiate from the negative and difficult aspects of your egoic consciousness. We do this by connecting you with a part of you that has the ability to be with these parts: your adult consciousness.

Your adult consciousness is a part of your higher ego that has the wisdom of discernment and presence. Therefore, this part of you can name and stabilize these more difficult aspects of the ego.

Without the adult consciousness present these difficult parts of the ego can tend to “run the show” and can cause an incredible amount of pain and suffering. 

This first phase of Somatic Awakening® literally helps put you in the driver’s seat of your life so you are more at choice, are less triggered, and have more peace and ease in your life.

Somatic Awakening®: The Practice

This next phase of Somatic Awakening® is the primary practice of this modality. In this phase you get in touch with your higher self witness consciousness. This is the part of your spirit/higher self which has the ability to be present with anything that arises inside of you (no matter how painful it may be) and brings to it what it needs to heal.

You are invited to bring this part of you into direct relationship to any pain, trauma, or contraction in your somatic body; which is the meeting place of the physical, emotional and energetic aspects of self. This allows the pain or hurt to be truly seen, held and loved, often in a way that it has never experienced before.

Engaging the Conduit of Divinity

As you engage in the practice of this modality you gain the ability to see, know, and feel how your witness is a conduit of higher and higher aspects of your spirit and ultimately the divine that you are connected to.

This is a game changer in healing because this part of you carries with it a powerful soothing presence and balm into any pain or contractions and literally alchemically heals, soothes, and even dissolves these contractions. 

This energy is palpable as it pours into any painful contraction what it needs for healing, whether that be love, strength, presence, courage, etc., for as long as is needed.

This process allows your wounds to relax and receive what they have always longed for: the healing presence, ultimate compassion, and love from the divine flowing through you.

This healing process literally transforms the darkness, our shadow, inside as the light of your higher self meets the darkness of your shadow and they align together. During this process a third energy is created; an energy of healing, softening, and deep repair.

In essence, your higher self (and the divine energy it’s connected to) heroically steps into the role of showing up to and holding your pain with immense compassion, love and understanding.

The magic of this special relationship alchemically shifts and dissolves the pain so you can open the door to deep integration and true healing.

When you are in alignment with your spirit in this way, you start to feel better on a very profound level. When this occurs a whole new kind of healing and living becomes possible.

Peace, relaxation, harmony, ease, grace and love all become a more integrated part of your life.

Beautifully, the process continues to deepen the more you experience and practice it.

In stepping across the initiation threshold that Somatic Awakening® offers, you step into your deepest healing and truest version of your self.

Spiritual Awakening

Through Somatic Awakening®, you begin to perceive your higher self and spirit on a very significant level, eventually touching the divine within.

Once you start to experience an awareness of the spacious divinity living inside you, everything changes.

Quantum Somatic Awakening®

As your healing and evolution unfold you are then invited to step into the quantum level of this practice and into greater levels of knowing who you truly are.

In this process you can touch the most profound places of peace, tranquility, freedom, joy, and ecstasy.

As you evolve, you are guided to tap into the power of your higher self. With this innate power inside of you engaged your ability to manifest your soul’s destiny through the use of the Power of the Word is activated. In essence the Power of the Word is your higher self’s ability to make manifest what your higher self calls forth. Yes, really!

This is just part of what happens when you begin to live in alignment with higher dimensionality. In essence you start to live more and more from your true divine nature.

In this process you continue to call in higher states of healing and are shown the ability to activate your divine genome within your DNA and so much more.

As you expand into living from a place of higher dimensionality and manifestation you create the life that you truly want, with the tools you need to do so.

Somatic Awakening® is both a healing modality and a spiritual path that leads you directly to the divinity that you are and teaches you how to engage the power of your divinity in the world.

Somatic Awakening® a Healing and Awakening Path of The Magdalene Way

Somatic Awakening is a Healing and Awakening Path of the Magdalene Way and of the secret teachings of Christ Consciousness. It is also in complete unification with the Divine Feminine Christ path of embodiment which Mary Magdalene personified.

It directly aligns to the mystical path of this lineage by helping you merge the human self with the divine self; the light with the dark.

In this process, all parts, voices, beliefs, and programs of the lower vibration of the ego are seen, presenced, and brought into the healing light of the divinity of your higher self and beyond. In essence, it helps the “two become one”.

Although this modality was uncovered from inside of me…Mary Magdalene was my primary teacher. She appeared to me many times in my inner vision and heart when I was deeply suffering through a long dark night of the soul experience. My need was great and she appeared as an answer to my prayer.

She shared with me the practice of the coming together of the light and the dark; and the miraculous healing that happens when you do so.

This experience pulled me out of my own deep darkness so significantly that I started bringing it into my healing practice with others, with amazing results.

For more information on this read a blog on it here.

She and many other great teachers (in form and not) have guided me every step of this journey.

From my work with numerous patients, my own awakening journey, the guidance of many wise mentors – from the spirit world and in person, I have continually shaped this practice into what it is today—a gateway of true freedom from the inside out! 

I also want to make it very clear that this is a healing path of Mystical Christianity and NOT the Christian Religion based on Roman dogma (or any denomination of traditional Christianity that is based on this dogma). This is a path of healing, love, and awakening; a path of coming back to who you truly are.

You DO NOT need to consider yourself a Christian (or for that matter feel aligned with Christ’s teachings) to gain benefit from this modality because this is a mystical path of healing, similar to many other mystical traditions, such as Sufism, Buddhist Tantra, etc.

As a healer, I am so grateful for this modality being born through me, because I get to witness the most remarkable healing and transformations on a daily basis.

If you are interested I would be honored to share this path of love, healing, and awakening with you! It is one of the primary reasons why I am here at this time.

You deserve to be healed and loved this completely.

The world needs us to show up now…because the wounding is great AND the healing that is needed IS possible! 

One last note: The trademark of this modality is for the name only. There is no way to trademark the actual mystical path that is this deep and mirrors an ancient lineage of embodiment.

To find out more about the teachings of Somatic Awakening through Sophia Healing Academy click here.