Spirit Transmissions

Spirit Transmissions connect you directly to the wisdom, insight, and energetic transmission of higher dimensional guides, such as Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm. These sessions assist you in evolving from the density of 3-D living and step into the higher vibrations of evolution, your connection with the Divine, as well as the love, healing, freedom, and abundance that comes into your life from these higher planes.

I work with The Council of One, a High Christ Council of Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Higher Dimensional Beings who will often come in during a session, as well as while teaching to give verbal guidance and energetic transmissions. These transmissions can help you evolve and heal your life on all levels, as well as bestow a great amount of ease, grace, love, and support. In one-on-one sessions, they help give you a bigger picture of what is happening in your life. In teaching, they can powerfully transmit energy connected to the topic we are covering to help you understand it at a very deep level beyond the mind and into a literal translation to you on an energetic level in your being. This wisdom and power in these transmissions help to increase your consciousness, emotional healing, and spiritual awakening.

In one-on-one sessions these transmissions will include one or many higher guides to give guidance in your present life situation and help you align with your true essence. They will also guide you to make the most aligned decisions connected to your highest good. In doing so they help calibrate your life in alignment with your soul’s purpose, joy, balance, ease, and grace.

The Ascended Masters and Archangels who I most commonly transmit include the following teachers:

  • Mary Magdalene
  • Yeshua (Jesus)
  • Mother Mary
  • Quan Yin
  • Green Tara
  • Archangel Metatron
  • Archangel Michael
  • Isis
  • Hathor
  • Saint Germaine
  • And More

I’m also profoundly guided by the feminine aspect of divinity, the Divine Mother. She is known by many names, but I personally know Her as Sophia, the aspect of the Divine Feminine that is embedded in all living forms. Divine Mother will also often come in to give direct transmissions and information in my teachings and private sessions.