Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine and Intuitive Counseling

Energy medicine clears, heals, and upgrades your energy systems and promotes deeper integrated healing. In this process, the subtle aspects of your energy are brought to healing, aligned, and upgraded to promote integrated deeper healing.

Energy medicine can also help you feel more in the flow of your life and bring a greater awareness of your higher self and its support, especially with issues where you feel stuck. With your energy systems aligned you feel more balanced, at peace, at ease, and at grace in your life.

It can also increase your intuition and sense of synchronicity, as well as bring higher vibrational, loving energy into your life.

Intuitive Counseling brings clarity to what’s happening with you on an energetic level. It can also help clarify multiple areas of your life…beyond just the energetic and physical. Intuitive Counseling can also address emotional, mental, and overall life issues. Patients will often bring in concerns that we can address by intuitively assessing situations regarding emotional difficulties, work issues, relationship struggles, and beyond to bring guidance to their life so they may align to their greatest empowerment and their highest ease and grace.

Types of Energy Medicine Modalities Utilized

I have trained in and taught energy medicine for years, and as such, I utilize several different styles of energy medicine such as the following:

Intuition Medicine®

Intuition Medicine includes several different forms of energy healing skill sets which allow you to feel more in alignment, as well as increase your healing and peace in your being.

Intuition Medicine includes the following:

  • Intuitive Counseling: This will help to clarify what a person is working with on deeper levels. It also brings in a greater view into one’s life struggles from the perspective of their higher self and higher guides. It also opens doorways of perception that may need awareness, healing, and compassion in a person’s life. As an example: Perhaps a person is struggling with a specific relationship. When looking intuitively insight is given to that specific relationship. But, there also may be other past issues that are connected to the issue(s) that are occurring in the relationship. Thus giving them insight into what needs healing to bring more ease and flow in this relationship and their life in general.
  • Energy Anatomy: Grounding, Aura, Chakras: Working with these aspects of your energy body you feel more energetically balanced, grounded, and in your body.
  • Energy Contracts: Lessons, Personal Path: This helps you to clarify and individuate your energy from others so you may stand in your own energetic sovereignty.
  • Past Lives: Karma and the Present Now: This is a powerful healing aspect of energy medicine that I often utilize. Regularly I will see patients who have physical and/or emotional symptoms in their present life arising from past life issues. Often they are confused and feel stuck because they have not been able to find the core issue regarding what’s ailing them until this doorway is opened. This process allows you to heal your past lives and bring this healing into your current lifetime, which powerfully shifts your perception of life. (This is also utilized in advanced forms of Somatic Awakening®.
  • Male/Female Energy System: This helps to bring balance to your inner masculine and feminine aspects of self.
  • Astral Body System and Dreams: Bringing balance to your physical and astral body.
  • Spiritual Incarnation System™: This clears any energy that is not you out of your system and aligns you with a deeper sense of your true self.
  • Physio-Psychic System™: This is a modality that brings healing into both your body, energy system, and emotions.

I have also been trained in and have utilized:

  • Polarity: This modality is based on subtle electromagnetic forces and sub-atomic physics. It utilizes hands-on contact, toning, breathing, and gentle counseling techniques. This work can be used to empower other modalities as well.
  • Reiki: I am a trained Reiki Master. This is a healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and helps to increase healing energy and deep relaxation.