Medical Intuition

Through my medical intuition, I am able to tap into the energetic blueprint of your physical body, providing a more comprehensive understanding of your current state. These intuitive scans detect energy blockages and medical details, identifying areas of stress and suppressed emotions. Additionally, I can pinpoint the most effective natural remedies that align with your individual needs. My intuition enables me to unveil the root causes of illness, offering deeper insight and a path toward healing.

My practice involves utilizing multiple layers of intuitive insight to discern the inner workings of your physical body and gain insight into any physiological disturbances. Additionally, I rely on intuition to better comprehend the non-physical aspects of your being. By analyzing your emotional, subconscious, and energetic states, we delve deeper into the root causes of your illness and determine the necessary steps toward your healing journey.

I do not use medical intuition to officially diagnose disease from a medical perspective; doing so would be legally outside the scope of my naturopathic licensing. Instead, I use it to help you perceive the deeper issues, clarify your situation, and give you a bigger view of what is happening to you.

Utilizing Medical Intuition serves as a guide in determining the most suitable treatments, supplements/herbs, and modalities that align with your essence. It also aids in determining the necessity of mind-body-spirit modalities, such as Somatic Awakening® or energy medicine, to address the root cause of your ailments for deep healing.