Evolution Mentorship

These sessions help elevate your life by assisting you to align with your soul’s purpose, authentic passion, true success, joy, and the miracles that are possible when you align with your soul and spirit. These sessions are supportive in numerous ways, especially if you are at a turning point in your life and are particularly helpful if you are:

  • going through a difficult life situation,
  • wanting to step more fully into your potential and evolution,
  • needing support regarding an important project, goal, move, job change, or relationship issue,
  • want spiritual guidance on your path, insight into your evolution, as well as, what your soul/spirit is calling you to do in this pivotal time on earth,
  • or feeling that there’s more possible in your life and want to up level your life and being?

If you answered yes to any of the above then this type of session is for you. In these sessions you will receive the support, attention, and guidance to help you up level your life, connect to your highest good, and the miracles that are possible when you do so.

These sessions utilize many different modalities (such as mind-body-spirit counseling, intuitive readings, spirit transmissions, or more) depending on what you need. As such, they can offer elevated insight, counsel, and inspirations through intuitive guidance, spiritual counseling, as well as wisdom and guidance from Melissa and the Higher Dimensional Guides…all specifically tailored to your unique situation. From these sessions you receive counsel regarding the highest solutions for your specific life situations and goals to help you powerfully evolve your life.