“Sometimes we are blessed to find individuals who step up when needed most…amazing souls doing what they have mastered even in the face of danger. Dr. Melissa is one of those souls who I know saved my life.

I first came to Melissa with PTSD…and severe insomnia…she carefully guided me through the process of healing the trauma, diving into the very root of the insomnia, all the while addressing my many other health issues.

With her unwavering dedication to my healing, I was able to make it through, even while dealing with a prognosis of my imminent death from my gastroenterologist and oncologist. She worked carefully with my Kaiser doctors to bring me to a state of harmonious health. I have a deep appreciation for the amazing light that is Dr. Melissa; she is truly a radiant Soul, and master of many powerful modalities to bring about a deep healing.”

–Kevin Nave