“I think of Melissa as my ‘one-stop’ health care provider. She has an extraordinary breadth of knowledge, both medically from a naturopathic perspective, but also very knowledgeable about allopathic medicine.

In addition, she adds a profound intuitive clarity in which she is able to see the deeper causes of health issues. She has the ability to guide one through the difficult root cause and core issues (in a way) that…feels supported and safe.

She has taught me how to navigate into the deeper more difficult parts of myself, both in this life and past lives. Most of our work has been by telephone, yet she has the capacity to be totally ‘present,’ more than any other healthcare practitioner I have worked with.

My health issues (adrenal dysfunction, tiredness and cancer) have improved, and I am feeling strong and more clear about my life path.”

–EC, PhD Clinical Psychology