“For the past five years, I have worked with Melissa with a variety of modalities, each one addressing different layers. However, one of the most consistent practices she has used (with me) has been Somatic Awakening®. This has helped me get in touch with my own intuition…in my body and to start to finding the connection between my conditions and hidden beliefs.

This has supported me on my spiritual path toward my true self, and my body has literally begun to learn to relax from a higher level, which has helped me say goodbye to many stress based disorders, such as esophageal spasms, Raynaud’s disease and idiomatic angioedema, to name a few. Her intuitive approach has also been invaluable and has helped identify hidden triggers, such as food allergies.

Her guidance, compassion and down-to-earth approach has helped me on so many levels beyond just the physical. She has held a gentle, safe and supportive space for me to work through my fears and find my strength and power. Her generosity as a practitioner truly shows and it is clear that she sees it as an honor to guide her patients through their journey. “