“Most doctors, both allopathic and alternative, can tend to treat disease as an unfortunate event at best, but at their worst, they can blame the patient for their own condition. Illness can become something we must wage war against.

“Enter Dr. Melissa, a breath of fresh air. I’ve learned from working with her that illness is not a battle against ourselves, but an opportunity to realign ourselves with wholeness and our higher purpose in life.

“Illness transforms from a battlefield into a blessing, a powerful spiritual teacher whose lessons must be learned on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

“Not only has Dr. Melissa taught me the tools to bring balance and healing into my life, but through the process, she has opened the door for me to find my own path in the evolution of my spirit. What a blessing!

“I am filled with gratitude for the deep space Dr. Melissa holds for each and every patient to go on their healing, and ultimately spiritual, journeys!”

–Rachel T.