“Dr. Melissa is a modern-day medicine woman with a powerful array of knowledge and tools to call upon.  I salute her dedication in cultivating such diverse know-how and talents over many years.

With great compassion, she worked with me to help me find my personal truth in navigating my compulsive overeating and mitigating the ensuing health complications.

She truly is a holistic provider, offering support ranging from concrete nutritional advice to nuanced mind-body support. She helped me create meaningful dialogue amongst the various voices of my psyche to facilitate a process of deep integration.

I also appreciate Dr. Melissa’s intuitive powers; her insight nearly always resonated with my inner wisdom and she helped me gain important perspective regarding many aspects of my life.

Dr. Melissa is a healing force of nature… she lovingly empowers her patients to set themselves free… and I recommend her care with all my heart!”

–Kai Harris Panym