Activate Your Higher Self In Your Everyday Life

Saturday, June 1st from 10:00-6:00

with Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy

Are you ready to allow your higher self to more fully guide your life with ease?
Do you want to bring more freedom into your lived experience of reality?
Are you ready to learn how to heal yourself in a powerful new way?

If you are ready to take your next steps to stabilize your freedom, healing and awakening then join us for this day-long intensive!

In this intensive you will:

-Receive powerful transmissions of oneness, healing, and love from Divine Mother Sophia and the Ascended Masters of the Council of One; which helps to activate and stabilize your higher self in your life

-Learn a powerful modality, Somatic Awakening, and the incredible abilities of your higher witness consciousness to significantly heal and stabilize your life.

-Receive a meditation that supports and stabilizes your connection to your higher self and heart on a daily basis.

-Allow the spiritual practice of inquiry to lead you deeper into your own self knowing of who you truly are and how to bring this into your everyday life.

-Bring your most pertinent questions to ask Melissa and the higher dimensional helpers in Satsang style Q & A.


Join us for this DayLong Intensive to Activate and Stabilize Your Higher Self In Your Everyday Life! 

Location: The Luma Center, Petaluma, CA

Cost: $222, But Register Before May 11th and Pay Only $199.

If you are ready to Stabilize Your Life with Your Higher Self

I Invite You to
Dive In…

Participants will also receive a recorded version of the meditations, teachings, and transmissions after the event.

What People Are Saying about Dr. Joy’s teaching and transmissions:

“Words cannot describe the peace, love, and deep connection to the divine I felt (from this event).

Gianna Frazee, MD

“If you want to experience the energies of the Masters, among them Mary, Magdalene, and Jesus, then I highly recommend Melissa Sophia Joy’s events. When I am in her oracle presence, I always feel the authentic communication and healing vibrations of these and other great beings come through, and it is an incredible balm. It’s clear that Melissa is an initiate into such powerful lineages, something she holds with maturity, grace, courage, and humility. This is the kind of Holy Woman ministry we need more of on the planet to help us individually and collectively in our time of great transformation”.

Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D., founding director of Seven Sisters Mystery School

The following testimonials are from the last daylong Living Love:

“Melissa Sophia Joy is TRUTH and LOVE – her compassion has guided me to the deepest and most significant healings possible” Anonymous

“This has been one of the safest ways to experience so much love all at once. It was one of the most profound experiences I have had. Thank You! Thank you!

Oris Duerigen

“Melissa’s work is unique in that she is able to guide healers and new initiates to the path alike. This shows her divine gift in sharing spiritual wisdom.”


“This has been a very powerful inner experience. Melissa’s guidance and intuition along this journey (were) very allowing and comforting. Her (transmissions) provided the direction to delve deep within”.


“Melissa is an amazing teacher and priestess. I’m feeling at peace and filled with love and joy”.


“Melissa’s presence and the deep love she radiates are a true gift.” Anonymous


From the Council of One:

When individuals truly begin to live from their higher selves, humanity will begin to step into a state of higher consciousness. The more individual beings do this the more the tipping point is reached of shifting the entire consciousness of the collective.

We are in service to all beings who are willing and ready to do what is needed to live from their higher selves. It is the wave that will shift the whole of humanity. The significance of this is beyond what can even be stated.

If you are feeling the call and are ready to step in we are here to support you. During this event, we will be helping all who attend to align to the sovereign divinity of their soul vibration. This helps you connect to the magnificence of who you truly are at the core of your higher self. This core is filled with a significant amount of power, love, strength, freedom, and a true memory of who you are. It has the power to stabilize and heal your life beyond what can be imagined.

From Melissa:

When we learn how to stabilize our higher self in our everyday life everything changes. We find the stabilizing force that allows our life to flow with ease and grace. We find the ability to connect to the strength of our higher self, which both motivates our lives and clarifies our actions. We find the love, grace, and healing power to shift that which we thought that could never be healed healing right in front of our eyes. Beyond anything else connecting to this inner power from your higher self I feel is the most important thing we can do for our freedom, healing, and awakening.

I am delighted to teach this class and open the doorways for the ascended masters, higher dimensional helpers, and angelic guides to mentor us into a powerful connection with our own higher self and our conduit of divinity that this offers our life.

This daylong is dedicated to You who are ready to step into your bigness, your light, your divine worthiness and the powerful being that you really are.

Join Me in connecting and reclaiming your own divine birthright of your higher self and the divinity that you are.