Living Love:

Allow the River of Love to
Heal Your Core Wounds,

Saturday, April 6th 10:00-6:00,

with Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy

Living Love:

Allow the River of Love to
Heal the Core Wound of Unworthiness

with Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy

Are you ready to more fully step into your self-worth and empowerment by bringing healing to your core wounds?

Are you tired of having your core wounds sabotage your life and the endless spiral of dysfunction, despair, and disappointment that this causes? 

Do you long to feel divine love in your life, as well as the deep healing this brings?

If you are ready to take a powerful step into your freedom, self-love, and empowerment then join us for this day-long intensive devoted to activating your Sovereign, Free and Worthy Divine Self!

In this day-long intensive you will:

  • Connect to the conduit of love inside which brings deep healing to the aspect of your core wound that most needs love and healing.
  • Energetically release familial and past life programs that keep you trapped in the “not good enough spiral” and prevents you from connecting to your own river of love.
  • Harmonize your mental-brain and heart-brain to allow your higher self to more fully lead your life.
  • Receive energetic healing treatments, upgrades, and transmissions from ascended masters, higher dimensional helpers, and angelic guides.
  • Align to your next steps which will help you live your life with love on a daily basis.

In this day-long, you will be invited to bathe in the river of the love from your divine being and beyond. This has the power to dissolve the old belief structures of your core wounds. In our time together we will open the doors to the spiritual home inside of you which reconnects you to your inheritance of light, love, worthiness, freedom and the majesty of who you truly are.

This daylong will utilize Somatic Awakening Meditation®, wisdom teachings, spiritual inquiry, powerful transmissions and healing treatments from divine guides, and Satsang style Q & A (You will be invited to ask questions and receive answers with both the higher guides and where appropriate Melissa). 

Join us in awakening and activating the love that has been dormant inside of you for eons. It’s time. You are worth it. Your love is needed to heal yourself and be a healing beacon for this world.

Come and join the healing river of love.

If you are ready to Allow the River of Love to Heal Your Core Wounds

I Invite You to

Dive In…

What People Are Saying about Dr. Joy’s teaching and transmissions:

“Words cannot describe the peace, love, and deep connection to the divine I felt (from this event).

Gianna Frazee, MD

“If you want to experience the energies of the Masters, among them Mary, Magdalene, and Jesus, then I highly recommend Melissa Sophia Joy’s events. When I am in her oracle presence, I always feel the authentic communication and healing vibrations of these and other great beings come through, and it is an incredible balm. It’s clear that Melissa is an initiate into such powerful lineages, something she holds with maturity, grace, courage, and humility. This is the kind of Holy Woman ministry we need more of on the planet to help us individually and collectively in our time of great transformation”.

Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D., founding director of Seven Sisters Mystery School

“(This event) was life-affirming and life changing”

Reed H.


Participants will also receive a recorded version of the meditations, teachings, and transmissions after the event.



From the Council of One:

One of the primary issues that keep humanities true essence pushed down are the core wounds which have you believe that you are unworthy, less than, somehow tainted. These beliefs are so nefarious because they are in the root of your psyche which prevents you from seeing the divine inheritance of who you truly are.

You are one with the divine. You are at one with love. You are at one with freedom. However, if you do not believe that you are then there is no way for you to know, much less live this truth. These beliefs of unworthiness keeps the door locked.

In our deep longing and service to help humanity break free from these traps, we want to offer our healing energy, words of wisdom and most significantly connect you with your own soul keys which will help you break yourself free.

You are needed now to stand up for yourself, to know how worthy you are of being loved, and being love. The more people begin to truly love themselves the faster the world will shift into ascension. This love is one of the most important things that you can give to yourself, as well as to those you love, and to this world.

If you are ready to step into the river of love please join us in this feast of healing, love, truth, and ascension.

From Melissa:

There is nothing more than I would I would rather do than to teach others how to align their core wounds with the river of divine love from our higher self.

These wounds have been running rampant for far too long. I see these core wounds every day in my patient’s lives, with my students, friends, family, and colleagues. I have also greatly wrestled with them in my own life. Our core wounds keep us from the true inheritance of our magnificence, the divine love, light, magic, and miracles that we as humans are actually capable of.

More than ever I feel the imperative need for humanity to evolve and this is one of the most significant inner aspects inside of us which prevents us from truly knowing ourselves. This daylong is dedicated to You who are ready to step into your bigness, your light, your divine worthiness and the powerful being that you really are.

We cannot play small any longer. We all are needed to stand in our worth now. Whatever you do with that is up to you. But, in order to change the old paradigm of power over to the new paradigm of living from the divine power within…we need to know, live and be the truth of our worthiness and the divine inheritance of our soul’s power.

We are needed. Do you hear the call? It is time to stand up. Join Me!