The Healing Power of Love Recordings for Streaming and Download



he Healing Power of Love, All Day Retreat, December 2018

Are you ready to:

  • Feel more love in your life on a daily basis?
  • Open to truly loving yourself?
  • Use this love to powerfully clear emotional blockages?

If so, the recordings of this day-long event are for you!

In these recordings, you will be guided to:

  • Connect to the Conduit of Love from your Higher Self, which heals your deepest wounds.
  • Receive transmissions, vast Love, and blessings from Christed Ascended Masters and Sophia-Christ Consciousness, which brings healing and transformation into your life.
  • Activate the codes of Christ Consciousness in your higher heart; awakening you to the path of Sovereign Self-Love.
  • Engage with Love as a force of healing activism; healing
    ourselves and the world.
  • Learn meditation and prayer techniques that nurture and stabilize
    this Love on a daily level.
  • Receive healing from a sound bath of bells, bowls, and more


Recordings include:

  • Introduction
  • Morning Transmission
  • Healing Power of Love Grounding Meditation
  • Afternoon Transmission
  • Final Words

After you purchase this product, you will receive an email with a link to a page where you can download all recordings. If you run into any issues, please contact us.