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Transform the Victim-Victimizer Paradigm Online Event, Ritual, and Activation

See Below for the Gifts from all of the Panelists and Priestesses of the event.

Gift from Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy

The e-book: The Four Golden Keys to Healing: Utilizing the Power of Your Higher Self to Heal Your Deepest Wound with Somatic Awakening® By Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy

In this e-book, Dr. Joy covers the four golden keys of healing trauma that resides in your somatic body (where the physical, energetic, and emotional aspects of self connect). Because the somatic body often stores trauma in it, this part of you can create havoc in your life until it is healed. This e-book covers the keys that you need to begin the process of deeply healing these parts so you may move out of suffering and into freedom.

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Gift from Christel Arcucci

Repair the Healing Web: Heal the Inner Child by Re-parenting with Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Integration

End the abuse & abandonment cycle from the inside out.

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Gift from Maria Christina Owl


8 minute Audio Track
Clearing & Activation Transmission through Maria Owl
This short yet powerful activation recording is energetic medicine to help:

  • Pull you out of regression and into presence
  • Clear anxiety, fear, and despair and bring you back to your empowered center
  • Realign you to your essential nature and joyful service

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Gift from Anaiya Sophia

8 Ways to Pull the Plug on the Predator

Last year shaped up as being the year where toxic Spirituality became globally exposed. And it was about time.

The spiritual community can hide many skeletons, not only the mess caused by teachers sleeping with their students, but the threats and isolation should anyone tell the truth.

Woven within these covert communities is the pressure of handing over money, persuasion to sell property, vows of silence, being unable to learn from other sources and often being brainwashed into believing families, friends and even other students are under the influence of negative forces. Slowly, slowly you are broken down as you enter the spell and freely offer up your own sovereign, free-thinking, intuitive self.

This FREE recorded call would also be very helpful for interacting with predatory partners/work colleagues and friends. As well as being the lens upon our own predatory tendencies.

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