October 20, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Live Zoom Event
By Donation
Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy
We are clearly walking through a chaotic node. With the intense political climate, Covid, the recent fires, and more…we need the support of the Divine, our Higher Selves, and Higher Dimensional Guides to help us Hold Steady and take our next steps in evolution.
With the transmission that recently came through, I was given a clear directive to hold a gathering of light to help balance and “hold us steady” through this chaos. To read the transmission go here. 
This Live Activation, Ceremony, and Transmission is offered to help you do just that.
Join us as we dive into powerful stabilization, light activation, and alignment together to illuminate Divine Truth, the Highest Good, and our Collective and Individual Waking Up.
Together we will align with the diamond light that arises from the core of the earth, moves through us, and creates a collective grid that covers this planet. When activated this diamond light grid floods our consciousness and this land with unconditional divine love, unified consciousness, as well as a high resonant field which brings balance and peace to this land…no matter what occurs or who wins the elections.
You will also be invited into deeper alignment with your own Source Connection. This inner divine connection aligns you with the pure sovereignty and power of your being. It fortifies and supports you to stay aligned with what is yours to hold, do, and be during these shifting times, as well as significantly stabilizes your life.
Joining us will be multiple councils of light, specifically the Council of One with Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, Saint Germaine, and Mother Mary holding the space. They will be transmitting a potent connection to core divine unconditional love, power, wisdom, and the balancing support of the collective Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine field.
We will all be invited to step through a portal of light activation inside and out!
Join us as we stabilize the chaos and open the doors of love even wider.
This is a Zoom event and is by donation, no one turned away from lack of funds. To register click below.
Note: once you register you will be sent log-in directions for the Zoom call via the email you sign up with.

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