November 15, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Global Broadcast via Zoom
Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy

It has been a trying time for our community. Whether you had to evacuate from the fires, had your power off for days on end, have had a loved one die (there have been many who have passed recently), or something else…most have been walking in a whirlwind.

Trauma that lingers can show up as symptoms of confusion, exhaustion, agitation, irritability, fear, not feeling motivated, eating/drinking more than usual, anxiety, and more…
If you are experiencing symptoms from what just happened then I invite you to join us for this free broadcast on Healing Trauma through Tending Our Animal Body.
In this broadcast, we will bring in deep awareness with what it means to connect to and tend our animal body; which is the primal part of us held in our subconscious somatic body. 
This part of us can be very affected by traumatic events. It is also the part of us that most needs tending after a trauma has occurred.
This tending helps us heal and is a key to resiliently bouncing back to a place of peace and balance.
In this broadcast we will:
-Learn how to connect to our animal bodies and listen to what these parts of us have to say, as well as what these parts of us may want or need from us to relax. 
-Discuss ways in which you can tend your animal body on a daily level. 
-There will also be a transmission/channeling of the loving energy of Mother Mary, Quan Yin, and Mother Earth Sophia-Gaia, which will help our animal body truly feel cared for and tended in a very deep and compassionate way. 
Come and soak up the loving, compassionate energy and recalibration of Mother Earth, Mother Mary and Quan Yin…to help bring you back into balance. 
To register for this FREE event that will be held via Zoom
*Note: When you register for the Infusions of Light you receive all of the pertinent information for the broadcast, as well as a recording afterward.

The Infusions of Light broadcast is dedicated to bringing healing, awakening, and evolution to humanity by helping you connect to the power and light of your higher self. It is free to you and occurs on the third Friday of every month at noon. In this broadcast we come together monthly to share wisdom teachings, as we also join together collectively through the power of prayer, meditation, and transmissions from ascended masters and higher dimensional helpers who are aligned with our highest good and the Law of One (the Law of Unity Consciousness in the light of the Cosmic Christ).

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